Best Cryptologic Online Casinos

Cryptologic Online Casinos are not as popular in the online casino industry as Microgaming casinos or Real Time Gaming [RTG] casinos, but they are still very high quality gaming portals and excellent places to play casino games online.

Here are the top 3 Cryptologic Online Casinos

1. Intercasino: Intercasino is an excellent all around online casino and is my favorite Cryptologic online casino. Intercasino has been in business since the late nineties making it a grandpa in the casino industry. My favorite part about Intercasino is that they offer a 100 dollar bonus each month [100%] match on every deposit. The play through requirement is fair at just 25 times the bonus you are looking to receive. As long as you consistently deposit money monthly at Intercasino and you play enough you will be up for over a thousand dollars’ worth of bonus money each year! Intercasino is also high roller friendly, you can bet up to $2500 a hand playing blackjack, other casinos have a maximum bet of less than $500. Intercasino, thanks in part to Cryptologic software does an excellent job of presenting its games to players, the graphics, design, software, and overall experience is one of a kind. In addition Intercasino has a great selection of individual games, including a few games that you will not find anywhere else, which is another reason why it tops the list as the best Cryptologic casino. Choose Intercasino or regret it later! At least make an account and a small deposit at Intercasino to see if it is right for you.

2. VIP Casino: VIP Casino is another great online gaming option and is my second favorite Cryptologic casino. Like Intercasino VIP Casino does not accept US players, but that should not make a difference for the majority of online casino gamers. VIP has a respectable deposit bonus, a 100% match of up to $200, which is moderate but not amazing. VIP calls itself “the ultimate cash reward casino” they say this because they have a reputation for giving out huge jackpots left and right and rewarding its best players with very large cash bonuses. If you play regularly at VIP Casino you will be treated very well to say the least. You are able to access all of the games VIP Casino has to offer within one click, which is nice. VIP’s software is not anything that you cannot get at any other big time casino but it is usable and practical. VIP offers more than 200 games, which is a very large selection and would have been unheard of 4-5 years ago before the “let’s make hundreds of games people will probably never play” craze started, nevertheless there will not be a single big time game that will not be available to you at VIP Casino. VIP’s customer support staff is solid, open 24/7 via telephone or E-mail which is what you see with most casinos these days. VIP Casino is a nice casino and will offer you a nice experience overall but it has a hard time keeping up with Intercasino in my mind.

3. Virgin Casino: Virgin casino is the last premier Cryptologic casino and certainly does not disappoint. Virgin Casino is owned by Richard Branson, a billionaire who owns the entire Virgin company. Virgin offers just 60 different games, but all of the best games are covered anyways. Most of the time casinos that offer more than 100 games use the last half of their game selection to attempt to pry away money from players with games that have house edges of 5 percent or more. If you stick to the “oldies but goodies” of casino gaming: Blackjack, Craps, European Roulette, Baccarat, and Video Poker among others you are best off. Casinos put most of their efforts into making these games elite as they get the most traffic and you get the best return on your investment by playing games that have house edges between .5%-2%, not 3-10%. Virgin is now over 6 years old and is a very reputable company, you should never have to face problems regarding banking or have a dispute over a bonus of any kind, they do things the right way at Virgin. Virgin casino calls themselves “The Online Casino that’s virtually Vegas” they pride themselves on giving you the Las Vegas experience without actually being there. Virgin has an excellent Cryptologic software background and is well run altogether, they make for a great online casino gaming choice.

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