Best Playtech Online Casinos

Casinos run their software on all sorts of different backgrounds, Playtech is one of the most popular backgrounds. Playtech casinos are known for being well run and aesthetically pleasing. In addition Playtech also offers hosting and individual games to a casino. Playtech is the backbone of every casino that uses it, which means the following five casinos are all state of the art.

Top 5 Playtech Online Casinos:

1. William Hill Casino: William Hill is not known for their online casino services in the UK, but they soon will be. William Hill will give you a free 150 Euro bonus as long as you deposit 35 Euro’s when signing up. This translates to a bonus of upwards of 400% which you do not see very often in the casino industry. You will have to wager at least 40 times the bonus you are looking to unlock to actually see the money, but that is par for the course in the casino industry. One of my favorite attributes of William Hill is their balance, thanks in part to Playtech software William Hill does not pimp one game [Slots for example] while ignoring another. Each game has an equal opportunity to grab your attention. You can contact William Hill’s support team three ways, any time you want to. You can contact them via Phone [Toll free], Live Chat [My favorite option when it actually works], and E-Mail. William Hill does not have much to offer that other casinos do not, but they are still an excellent Playtech Casino. They are well run, have a great selection of games and a support team as good as any I have ever seen, you will not regret opening an account at William Hill and at least giving them a try.

2. Titan Casino: Like with William Hill, Titan is best known in the gaming industry for being Titan Poker, but their casino software and gaming experience does not disappoint. Titan’s casino is relatively new, to attract players they offer excellent deposit bonuses. Upon signing up you get a 150% match on your initial deposit up to $600, which is nice, plus $25 dollars free, immediately, with no strings attached. Titan has both a “Player complimentary program” which is open to everyone, the more you play the more points you get which can be turned in for prizes and cash among others. They also feature a VIP program which is open to just “high rollers” as it is invite only, if you are lucky enough to get an initiation you will be treated very well. 20 percent of a casinos customers give them upwards of 80 percent of their business so many casinos are starting to implement a VIP for their top players to keep them playing and satisfied. Titan has hundreds of games available, including many games [14] with progressive jackpots ranging from tens of thousands of Euro’s to hundreds of thousands of Euro’s. Titan not only has a great poker following they are beginning to become a major player in the online casino gaming industry, thanks in part to their excellent Playtech software.

3. Play United: Play United, like many online casinos, does not accept players from the United States, but they are an excellent option for everyone outside the US looking for a great online casino gaming experience. Play United offers over 120 different games to its players, which seems like a ton, but I have seen casinos offer upwards of 300 different games. The difference between 100 and 300 is negligible in the end, because all of the major games will be covered and you will never play more than 10-20 games seriously over your time at any casino, hopefully you will focus on 3-5 games that interest you and have low house edges. Play United offers large deposit bonuses, but what I like most about Play United is the regular bonuses they offer players for just playing. As long as you consistently play at Play United they will treat you to a variety of different bonuses, even if you play at low stakes. And yes, Play United does have a VIP program that will treat high rollers very well if you are invited. You can contact Play United’s support team through live chat and phone, they are quick to satisfy your needs and they are in the upper tier of casino support teams that I have reviewed.

4. Golden Palace: Golden Palace does not accept players from the United States, but players looking for a great casino who are not US citizens may be in luck. Golden Palace has been around since 1997, which is a longer track record than 85% of most major online casinos. They have a great loyalty program, deposit bonuses are great but you will find that most of the “freebies” you earn playing casino games online will come from a casinos loyalty program. Deposit bonuses often come with crazy strings attached in addition to a wagering requirement of anywhere between 20-50 times the bonus you are looking to unlock. Golden Palace has a payout percentage of 97.75%, which means for every dollar you wager at Golden Palace you can respect a return of 97.75 cents, which is about average in the casino industry. The graphics and overall gaming experience at Golden Palace is nothing short of amazing, it is easy to tell that you are playing at a high quality Playtech casino. Golden Palace does not have the vast selection of games that many other casinos have, but in the end all most players need is the basics: blackjack, craps, roulette, slots and a few other major games. Golden Palace is an excellent place to play casino games online.

5. Grand Online Casino: Grand Online Casino is a decent choice for almost everyone, but they do not offer as good an experience as the other four casinos do above in my opinion. Grand Online Casino offers a 200% match on your initial deposit with a wagering requirement of just 20 times, which is above average for the industry. Every online casino game has a house edge of some kind, but the house edge for many games is less than a percent or two, if you can qualify for 200-500 free dollars after a period of time you could be able to shift the odds in your favor. Grand Online Casino has an average game selection of just 80 different games. All the big time games are covered of course but they do not offer you anything here that you could not get anywhere else. You can contact Grand Online casino’s support team through phone or E-mail, I suggest using their phone support if you need is urgent and their E-mail support if you do not mind waiting a while. One thing that turns me off is that Grand Online Casino has a payout percentage of less than 97%, which is very low for the industry. Grand Online Casino is not a bad choice, it is just not the best choice.

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