Best Real Time Gaming (RTG) Online Casinos

There are a lot of great casino software packages out there, but none rival the software that Real Time Gaming casinos use. There is no coincidence that Real Time Gaming software is the most prominent form of software in the casino industry and that many of the industry titans use RTG software.

Here are the top 5 Real Time Gaming Online Casinos:

1. Cherry Red– Cherry Red will be the first Real Time Gaming casino I will review. Cherry Red has the highest payout percentage of all major online casinos in the world at 98.58%, the difference between 98.5% and 97% is huge, instead of losing an expected $1.50 on a $100 bet you will lose $3.00 over time at a casino that gives you worse odds overall. Cherry Red caters to the English speaking market so US players is a large portion of the demographic that they are after. Cherry Red has a great deposit bonus structure, you are eligible for a $777 bonus [100% match] on your first 10 deposits which means over time you could earn upwards of $7000 if you play your cards right. The wagering requirements at Cherry Red are a little tricky, for some games you have to wager just 15 times the bonus you are looking to unlock, which is great for an online casino, for other games like blackjack you have to wager 45 times the bonus, either way if you consistently play at Cherry Red you will unlock your bonus sooner rather than later. Cherry Red puts a big emphasis on customer service and pleasing their existing player base as a whole, they are a great casino and they are one of my favorite Real Time Gaming [RTG] casinos.

2. Slot Oasis– What I like about Slot Oasis: They have a payout percentage of over 98 percent, it is actually right around 98.34% which is about as high as it gets in the online casino gaming industry, they are definitely not afraid to give their players a fair chance at coming out ahead.

Slot Oasis uses its Real Time Gaming software very well, they offer more than a dozen different individual slot games alone, if you are a Slot lover Slot Oasis is the casino for you

Slot Oasis accepts players from all around the world, including the United States.

Slot Oasis offers a massive initial deposit bonus, a 400% match up to $4000, which is unrivaled in the casino industry. Of course SO is not going to give away $4000 to every new player, there are strings attached but unlocking any sort of bonus will help your odds immensely.

What I don’t like: Slot Oasis is a great casino, but their wagering requirements to unlock the deposit bonus is a little high at 45 times the bonus if you are playing blackjack. If you do not play blackjack the wagering requirement drops down to a very respectable 20 times the deposit + bonus.

Also it is tough to unlock bonuses other than the initial deposit bonus if you are not invited to their VIP program which is available to only high rollers.

3. Rushmore Casino– Rushmore accepts all players from the United States, which is one of its greatest attributes. In addition Rushmore has both an instant play [no download required] version of its software along with the standard downloadable casino software package. The download option is the best option for most, but if you are a Mac user or you so not want to download yet another program unto your computer the no download option is a viable one. New players can get up to 200 dollars free on a 200 dollar initial deposit which is about average as far as casino initial deposit bonuses go. I actually recommend that you opt out of the deposit bonus because Rushmore, like many other casinos adds a lot of “fine print” to their deposit bonus unlocking procedure. The maximum you can withdraw from Rushmore is 2000 dollars a week, which only impacts you if you are a high roller or if you hit a huge jackpot of some kind. This rule is common in the casino industry and should have no impact on your final decision as to where you will play casino games online for real money. Rushmore has a decent support team but you can still expect to wait a minimum of an hour before receiving an E-mail response from their customer service team.

4. Bodog Casino– Bodog has simply been the best in the industry since debuting more than 15 years ago. They have the best software, graphics, and overall playing experience you will find anywhere. Despite offering just a 10% deposit bonus match Bodog still attracts customers left and right because they are the industry leader. In addition to having the best overall casino gaming experience in the industry they also have great poker and sports betting platforms, if casino gaming every starts to feel monotonous try getting in on a poker tournament or betting a few bucks on a game that interests you. Everything at Bodog is streamlined so you do not have to make new accounts to play poker or bet on sports. Bodog has a great selection of games but my favorite game at Bodog is definitely blackjack. Bodog blackjack is well known in the casino industry for being sleek, realistic, and usable. Bodog is number one in the industry for a reason, they are a great online gaming experience for everyone, including US players. If a big deposit bonus or a killer loyalty program is important to you, go with a different online casino, if you want to go with the best Real Time Gaming casino, choose Bodog.

5. Intertops Casino– Intertops has been around since 1996, when computers weighed 30 pounds each. However they just recently switched over to Real Time Gaming [RTG] software, so they are much different now than they have been in the past, which is a plus for me. Intertops accepts players from all over, including the United States, which is another plus. I have heard mixed opinions regarding the usefulness of Intertops customer support service. They seem to take their time to respond to you and Intertops does not seem to put the same emphasis on customer service that many other elite casinos do, which is a negative. Intertops does offer both mobile casino gaming and an instant, no download version of their games, which is great, but if you want to the best online casino gaming experience you will do it the “old fashioned” way by simply downloading the software and playing games the routine way. Intertops has a payout percentage of over 98%, which is excellent among online casinos and is near the top of the chart in the category. For every 100 dollars you bet at Intertops 98 dollars find their way back to you over time, which is a great percentage. Intertops has excellent graphics and is a great choice for an online casino, it is a good idea to create an account, make a small deposit and see how you like it.

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