Best Vegas Technology Online Casinos

Vegas Technology casinos have quickly become one of the leading online casino software developers in the world. They have taken advantage of shifts in consumer preferences and changes in online technologies instead of falling behind the curve. You can expect a casino using Vegas Technology to be cutting edge and ahead of the times for certain.

Top 3 Vegas Technology Online Casinos

1. Millionaire Casino: Millionaire is an excellent online casino that is very well run. It is easy to tell they run on Vegas technology, the graphics, software, and overall usable is first class all of the way, it is tough to beat the experience that Millionaire casino offers to its players. Millionaire does not overwhelm their players with cheesy sound effects in the middle of a game or anything like that, they are all class all of the way. Millionaire offers more than 100 different games, which is more than you will ever need. The size of Millionaire’s software is very small, which is great, that makes it usable and it will not bog down your computer. Millionaire offers a deposit bonus match of 100% up to $2000, which is unrivaled in the industry. However casinos do not stay in business giving up thousands of dollars to every new player who walks through the door, expect Millionaire to find a reason to not pay you the free money. Nevertheless they are a great casino, one you should definitely give a try.

2. Slots Galore: Slots Galore is another great Vegas Technology online casino. They accept players from the United States, which is a nice change from the casinos and poker rooms that seem to absolutely fear taking US or North American players at all. The UIGEA [Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act] was all talk and no action, nothing has ever resulted from it and nothing will likely ever come out of it. Slots Galore obviously puts a huge emphasis on slots. After studying the casino industry for a few months you will notice that a ton of different casinos either have slots in their names or they put a huge emphasis on slots one way or another. This is because slots end up being one of the most profitable games for casinos in real life and online. Slots take 15 seconds from start to finish and they have a pretty high house edge. Be sure to keep your betting low when playing slots, half a unit instead of a whole unit each game is likely a good idea. Slots galore also offers a ton of different online casino tournaments which is cool. What I am not a big fan of is that SO’s support team does not work 24/7, they only operate during normal working hours which is a huge minus to me. Slots Galore is a nice casino but Millionaire is likely a better option if you are looking for a Vegas Technology casino.

3. Online Vegas: Online Vegas is a very well-known online casino and it certainly does not hurt that they are backed by Vegas Technology. Online Vegas has quickly risen up through the ranks of premier online casinos, they simply offer players an excellent experience from top to bottom. Online Vegas caters to US players primarily, but players of all kinds are accepted of course. Online Vegas offers a payout percentage of more than 98%, which ranks it very high among the best casinos in the world. Other casinos give just 96 or 97 percent, there is a big difference between getting 96 cents of every dollar you wager back and 98 cents, you want to go with a casino that gives you a fair chance, Online Vegas is that casino. At least sign up for an account and give them a try!

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