Casino Thief Arrested after High Speed Car Chase

The West Wendover police arrested a man after a high-speed car chase, resembling those seen in movies, which ended in a crash in the southern part of Salt Lake County. The man and his accomplice were attempting to flee after robbing a West Wendover casino but, although the man has been caught, his accomplice is still at large.

Two men allegedly stole cash at the Montego Bay Casino, which is located along the Nevada – Utah border, on Wednesday at 11:20 p.m. As soon as the casino alerted the West Wendover police, they sought the aid of the Salt Lake County police, the Tooele police, and the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) to stop the car the duo was getting away in. The car was last seen speeding towards the east along Interstate 80.

UHP Sergeant Todd Royce said: “About 12:30 a.m., one of our troopers located the vehicle traveling on I-80 and attempted to make a stop. A high-speed pursuit ensued into Salt Lake County.”

Since the UHP had to go as fast as 120mph, they stopped as they were worried about public safety. However, the police of Salt Lake, West Valley, and a few other areas united to stop the getaway car. When the car was seen once again in Riverton, the chase continued. At the intersection between Interstate 18 and Interstate 15, the suspect slowed down his car to allow his accomplice to jump out and then continued again at high speed. Although the police took the help of dogs and searched extensively along the highway, they were unable the find the accomplice.

The police, however, know the man well but have refused to divulge his identity as they are investigating.

The getaway car, in the meanwhile, crashed in a field in Herriman at around 1:30 a.m.; and the police grabbed the opportunity to arrest its driver. According to UPD Lieutenant Justin Hoyal, the driver tried to flee from the car, but was nabbed after a foot chase that did not last long. The driver is a 38-year-old man from Utah, who is currently in the Tooele County Jail and has been charged with robbery and evading the police. The police also seized some cash from the getaway car.

The West Wendover Police Department has issued a press statement, according to which they received a call from the casino at 11:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The suspect had jumped over a cashier’s counter and stolen a box containing $650. The police have identified him as Elbert Arnaz Woodson.

Karen Bateman, a resident of Herriman, saw the car crash. She said that, although a few GPS systems show 7000W as a street, it is a dead end in reality. She said: “It sounded like he was going faster so I pulled my blinds down to see it pass the house and hit the telephone poles that are laying on the road to show it’s a dead end. The car hit the poles and went flying in the air up over the fence. Looked like something from a movie.”

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