Thousands of Applicants Arrive at Golden Nugget Casino for Jobs

As many as 1,300 people arrived at Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City long before day break and stood in long queues in the hopes of getting a job at the casino. The online casino had 50 vacancies and had organized an “emergency jobs fair.”

According to Golden Nugget General Manager Tom Pohlman, business had been brisk at the Golden Nugget Casino during the past month, chiefly because the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel had pulled down its shutter on January 13, but also because the casino had asked many employees to leave their jobs during the winter, when business had been slow.

Pohlman said that, ever since Atlantic Club Casino pulled down its shutters, many Atlantic Casino customers had flocked to The Golden Nugget and obtained club cards there.

He said: “It’s important to us to maintain a certain standard of customer service, and we need to bring in immediate help. It’s unfortunate to see how many people are here because that means a lot of people in Atlantic City are out of a job. But there are great candidates here, and we can pick the best of the best.”

The Golden Nugget had advertised that it was going to conduct a two-day job fair to hire 50 employees, but Pohlman said that the casino could end up hiring 100 people over the weekend. He also said that the casino will retain the applications of those who do not get hired so that they could be hired as part-time workers during the summer.

Among those who had queued up at the Golden Nugget were former employees at Atlantic Club. At the end of the job fair, 1,600 people had to return home disappointed. One of those who did not get a job was Pat Van Woeart, who had worked in the Atlantic Club coffee shop. She said: “It’s been terrible. I’ve applied everywhere that will take applications, but nobody is hiring. With food prices going up, even milk is more expensive. It’s been really tough.”

Speaking about the horrors of being unemployed, she said: “These are all dedicated people and we’re not used to being out of a job. My health benefits are expiring. I need a job and I need it now.”

The first job seeker arrived at 3:30 a.m., and by the time the interviews began, as many as 600 applicants had queued up inside the building. Those who had applied for dealer jobs were asked to demonstrate their skills at a table. By 10:30 a.m., the casino had hired seven people. He said that employees in the security and housekeeping departments were hired immediately while dealers were told to wait for two more days while they were being evaluated.

The Golden Nugget, which was overwhelmed at the number of job seekers who turned up, had to ask several applicants to leave when the queue got too long. They also urged some of them to submit job applications online for jobs at a new casino the company was planning to launch at Lake Charles later this year.