Horseshoe Casino Cleveland Boosts Business in the Downtown

When the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland was launched one year back, the community feared that the new establishment would wreck the community life. But the casino has not only generated huge profits, but has also made the area livelier, especially at nights and during the weekends.

Giving the casino an “A” grade, Joe Cimperman, the downtown councilman, said that the casino did not destroy business at the neighboring bars and restaurants and lead to a hike in crime rate as the local people had feared. He said, “I think the reality is that the casino has been a lot more of a positive than people expected.”

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland attracts a large number of young gamblers, who prefer playing blackjack and craps. The casino also attracts a large number of people, who do not want to gamble, but enjoy hanging out, watching the gaming activities, and just having fun. Marcus Glover, the general manager for Horseshoe Casino, is now toying with the idea of upgrading the casino to include more space for those who want to just watch and hang out. He said, “A night on the town is now dinner and a movie and maybe a casino visit. Before, it was just dinner and a movie.”

The city will get 85 percent of the tax revenue generated by the casino and will use this to improve public buildings and recreation centers. The rest of the money will go the City Council, which will spend it on various projects. The casino has generated 1,600 jobs for the local people; besides, it has given away complimentary meals worth $1.4 million to its loyal customers at neighboring bars and restaurants, along with 61,000 stays overnight in neighboring hotels.

Johnny’s Downtown and Hyde Park Steakhouse spokespersons say that they are happy about the casino because it has increased their business by around 15 percent. Johnny’s Downtown GM Dave Flowers said, “For us, it’s a little bit more exposure. It really has given us a push, and that’s even without the vouchers.”

Restaurant owners also said that their business fell during the initial days of the casino’s existence, but things started getting better later. Hyde Park Steakhouse said that it steadily lost customers for around 20 days, adding that business began improving after that. He said: “Business has progressed, and business has grown. It’s been a very positive thing for Hyde Park.”

Joe Marinucci, who is heading the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Business Group, said that things have become livelier in the downtown because of the brand new convention centre, the Horseshoe Casino, and the Global Centre for Health Innovation. These three have also given rise to a number of smaller hotel and restaurant projects. Stating that he will talk about the casino at an international retail real estate convention, which will be held in Las Vegas by the International Council of Shopping Centres, he said that department stores might not rush to the downtown this early, but boutique stores definitely will. He said, “We are going to be aggressively talking about the casino.”

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