How to Choose a Slots Game

Many online casinos now have between 20-100+ individual slots games. Big time online casinos realize that having a variety of slots games attracts new players, but they neglect the fact that the average casino player will have a hard time choosing between the dozens of different games.

The best way to choose an individual slots game is to play them all and see which ones you enjoy the most, and which set of odds are most player friendly. The house edge in slots can vary from between .1%-10+% so it is important that you play a game that gives you a chance at winning at the very least. As a quick reminder: The lower the house edge, the better your odds of coming out ahead. Playing online casino games is all about having fun, so how much you enjoy playing each individual game also comes into play.

Casinos, like almost every other business, are greedy. They want to attract customers with crazy promotions and promises and then take all of your money. Because of this most online casinos will try to advertise the slots games that have the worst odds for players. Be sure to investigate every game before you wager your hard earned cash, it is always important to know what you are getting yourself into. Delve deeper into the casino and see which slot games they are neglecting, those games likely give you the best odds of winning.

Slot games with a high jackpot is very attractive to most players, but remember hitting the jackpot, especially if it is over $10,000, is a longshot. The average casino gets over half of its business from online slots and video poker. Blackjack, craps, roulette and all of the smaller casino games all combine to receive less than half of the playing action online. This is because players see slots or video poker jackpots in the tens, or even hundreds of thousands and they start to think unreasonably. Playing casino games online is not about playing the lottery and coming out ahead, it is about fine tuning your skills in a variety of games, wagering money you can afford to lose, and having a good time. Do not play a slots game online just because of its jackpot, always assume that you will not hit the jackpot.

Make sure you are playing at an slots game that clearly states its payback percentage. A slots game that pays back 99% has a house edge of 1%, which is very reasonable and is as good of odds as you will find almost anywhere online. A slots game that pays back up to 99% could pay back any percentage under the sun. Words and phrases such as “up to” and “highest payback” mean little to nothing, play at online slot machines that do not have vague wording and do not try to deceive its players.

Remember that it is possible to play 500-1000 spins on a slot machine in an hour. You will play less than 100 hands of blackjack in an hour, on average, and less than 40 rounds of craps. After a few thousand spins of the slot machine the odds will start to get to you and your bankroll. This is why it is of utmost importance to play at a slot machine that offers very favorable odds and to not play more than a few hundred spins. You can only avoid the law of averages for so long before they come back to haunt you! Playing 6 to 5 blackjack instead of 3 to 2 blackjack hurts your odds tremendously, but it does not make the same difference playing at a slot machine with bad player odds does over time. You will play 5-10 times as many rounds of slots than blackjack, which means you cannot afford to give up any tenths, or even hundredths of payback percentage points if you want to keep your head above water over time.

Playing slots online is a lot of fun no matter which game you choose to play, but the only way to have fun in the long run is to play at a game that you not only enjoy, but also a game that has a guaranteed high payout structure.