How to Choose Safe Online Casino

All you hear about these days with online casinos is who has the biggest bonuses, best games and best support teams. All of that matters, but it means nothing if the casino is not trustworthy and safe. Here is a step by step guide of how to choose a safe online casino.

The best way to be sure the casino you are choosing is safe is to look at its track record. There are dozens of online casinos that have been around for 10+ years. A casino that has been around for a decade or longer has a stable history, is obviously run well, offers a great value to players, and has a track record of over 500 weekly payments [10 X 52= 520+]. Growth of new casinos was stunted in 2006 and 2007 due to the passage of the UIGEA [Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act], however over the past 2-3 years the online casino industry has undergone another growth spurt in new online casino rooms. Most rooms that have popped up over the last three years are completely legitimate, but there is no reason to take a chance with an up and coming casino when there are several great established options available.

With regards to safety, size matters in the online gaming industry. The larger the online casino you play at, the safer it is in general. Smaller casinos usually have to try much harder to make ends meet, which can put you in a bad situation. No casino is going to outright steal your money, but the larger, more established casinos are less likely to find “creative” reasons behind not paying you on time or losing your initial deposits. You will almost always get paid what you deserve in the long run, most of the time it comes down to how easy it will be.

If you plan to play at a casino that is at least five years, has a nice reputation and is large enough not to have any cash flow issues you should be fine with regards to safety. If you are attracted to a smaller, lesser known casino because of potential bonuses, support team, or any other reasons, make sure to contact the casino directly before depositing. Send them an E-Mail or give their support team a call. Ask specific questions with regards to banking, see what the maximum withdraw is weekly and when and how you will exactly receive your money. You do not want to leave anything [else] to chance, a ten minute phone call is a good investment of your time.

Never make a huge deposit when first testing out a new online casino. Deposit the minimum allowed [usually between 20-50 dollars], try out a few games and then request a withdraw. If all goes smoothly you should have no concerns with regards to the safety of the casino you are playing at.

There is really no reason to choose an online casino that is not established. Newer casinos may offer more aggressive bonuses, but keep in mind it is always tough to unlock deposit bonuses. Choosing an online casino is like choosing a bank, Bank of America and Wachovia are large, safe, and will get the job done. They can do a better job than smaller local banks of weathering tough times because of their size. You should not have any problems with regards to safety when playing at an online casino. Once you choose a safe casino all you need to worry about is growing your bankroll!

It never hurts to do a quick background check on every casino you are considering. Read the reviews only and see how many horror stories you come across. People have bad experiences with the best companies in the world from time to time, so do not be surprised if you hear bad things about a company that you thought was untouchable.

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