How to Install Online Casino Software

Many big online casinos now offer an option to play their games online in your browser instead of having to download their software. Although that is tempting, downloading the actual software is still the way to go if you want to best graphics and overall playing experience. Installing online casino software can be tough, especially for those of you who are not very tech savvy, here is how it is done:

First you need to go to the site you have decided to play at and click the download button. After clicking the download button a small box should come up with three options, run, save, or cancel, be sure to click run. After clicking run most online casino software programs should begin to install automatically, making life pretty easy on you. The online casino installer should run you through the process. You will likely have to answer a few run of the mill questions like: “Are you sure you want to download this file?” and “Would you like to create a desktop shortcut?” Say yes to the last question, it should save you a solid 10-15 seconds every time you decide to play. You will likely have to agree to the terms and conditions some time during the process of installing the software, it is best to skim through the T&C to make sure that you are okay with everything before accepting.

After the initial installation goes through most casinos will provide you with a window to create your account. You will have to create a username and password. Be sure to pay attention to this step, if you do not create a username you will never be able to play online for real money. If you forget your username or password you could be in for a splendid 30 minute phone call to the casinos support team. This is one of the most important steps with regards to installing the software and one of the few steps that actually requires a little thinking. Just be sure to keep your username and especially your password to yourself, the worst thing you can do is give a stranger access to your account, your money, your credit card… That is an ordeal that you do not want to get yourself into.

Do not be alarmed if a few games are not available immediately after completing the installation of the casino software. A few games may require extra time to download before becoming available; this should happen automatically and should not take very long. Most casinos release new games several times a month, you should be able to access the new games automatically and almost instantly!

Downloading and installing online casino software was much more difficult 5-10 years ago, but progress in the industry and players’ improving their knowledge of technology over time has made the process almost seamless. Many potential players were not able to play casino games online 4-5 years ago because casino software was not compatible with Mac computers or laptops. The Mac demographic has grown too large for most casinos to ignore; if you are on a Mac of any kind you should not face any problems as far as installation of casino software goes.

The process of downloading and installing casino software, along with making a username and password may seem difficult, but once you get started it should be a walk in the park. Remember that online casinos will do almost anything to get business; they will certainly never neglect a potential player. If you have any problems with a particular casinos software do not be afraid to send the casino an E-Mail or give their support team a phone call. There is no reason why this simple process should keep you from playing casino games online!

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