Mac Online Casino Guide

Mac computers, laptops or PC’s, have a market share in the single digits [between 5-9% depending on who you listen to]. Although they command less than ten percent of the computer using demographic, a small portion of almost everyone is still a ton of people. Online casinos have finally started to catch on to this and they have made their games, software, and overall site more Mac friendly, however there are still some things you need to know before playing casino games online on a Mac PC or laptop.

There are three types of casinos with regards to software compatibility with Mac’s OS. The first type of casino makes its software completely compatible with Mac computers in every possible way. These casinos are hard to come by, even with the increased emphasis on capturing the significant market share that is Mac computer users. The second type of casino does not accommodate Mac users in any way, they basically through away a tenth of their possible player base by being foolish and ignorant. These types of online casinos are being harder and harder to find thankfully. The third type of casino is the one that does not have Mac compatible software but does allow potential players to play games within their browser, without having to download any software at all. No download options are becoming mainstream within the industry, you are losing little as far as functionality goes and you do not have to worry about bogging down your computer with another download.

One of the most frustrating aspects of covering online casino play on Mac’s is that so many casinos seem to over promise and under deliver. Casinos either go out of their way to assure you that their software works with Mac’s operating system or they fool you into thinking that their no download version of their software will look normal in Safari, the standard browser for Mac users. This is why it is so important to make a small deposit at a casino [The minimum required deposit, usually between 20-50 dollars depending on which casino you are gaming at is perfect] and test out their software, support team, graphics and game selection before diving in. You would not buy a car without giving it a test drive, why make a commitment to a casino when there may be glaring problems? You can read wonderful reviews about casinos online all you want, but in the end everyone has an agenda, do your own detective work and make sure that a casino is right for you.

One casino that I can recommend, without a doubt, for Mac users is Bodog. Bodog’s no download version will work perfectly fine in Safari, you will not lose a thing. The function ability and overall aesthetical aspect of Bodog’s no download version is as good or better as any other casinos downloadable software packages. You do not have to weigh down your computer with another program, you do not have to sit through and install a large piece of software on your computer… you simply just open your browser and play, it is as easy and simple as surfing the internet. No download casino software is the new trend in the online casino industry and it is here to stay.

Mac computers have their pro’s and con’s, which we will not get into in this article, however they do make life tougher on you if you wish to be a serious online casino player. Thankfully casinos have started to realize how important Mac players are and they are taking steps to accommodate players of all kinds. Most casinos are not “their” yet, but progress is being made in the right direction. If you want play casino games online and you are on a Mac computer you will still be able to and you will still have a great time!

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