Mobile Online Casino Guide

Portability means freedom to me. No matter where I am I can do whatever I want to do. The last few years has seen a rise in internet use among cell phones and the trend is only going to continue. Here is a quick guide on what you need to know before playing at an online casino on your mobile phone.

Online casinos will do whatever it takes to keep their players’ playing, after all, that is the only way they make money! Not all sites support mobile gaming but many do and many more will in the future. A few sites that offer excellent mobile gaming options include Bodog, Jackpot City, and Intertops casino, along with many others. Mobile online casino gaming is still in its infancy, it is in a similar situation that the internet itself was in 15 years ago. They were both considered a novelty and there were growing pains involved in both platforms.

Do not expect to have the same experience if you are playing casino games on your mobile phone that you would have on your computer or laptop. Your phone is made to be portable, receive and send calls and text messages, surfing the internet is an afterthought. Here are a few pieces of advice and situations that you would normally not think about while playing casino games online on your mobile phone:

Most recent cell phones are supported by casinos that do support mobile online gaming. Having a cell phone that supports html helps the situation tremendously. The only real way to know if your phone is supported by your online casino is to go to their website and see, or send their support team a quick E-Mail or phone call.

Downloading the casinos software onto your mobile phone is much easier than you think. It is really no more difficult than installing casino software onto your computer. Even if you are not tech savvy you should have the software up on your phone within 20 minutes or so. It should not be a problem, if it is do not be afraid to talk to your casinos support team, that is what they are there for.

Your casino should offer mobile online gaming for free. If they are charging you any fee whatsoever to play casino games online do not worry about mobile gaming or switch to a different casino if it is a big deal to you. It is difficult enough to be a profitable casino player without added fees and frustrations!

Receiving a phone call or text message will interrupt your play! You can answer the call just like you normally would or see the text message just as usual, but your play will obviously be interrupted. All of your information will be saved and you should be able to start off just where you left off whenever you decide to resume.

Mobile gaming is great and will become a big deal in the online casino industry within the next five years. However I do feel that we are still 3-5 years away from mobile gaming really making sense. Technology still needs to catch up with regards to web browsing on phones and more casinos need to adopt mobile gaming. There is nothing wrong with playing casino games on your mobile phone, but it will be a long time before the mobile gaming experience ever comes close to rivaling the experience of playing casino games on a computer.

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