No Deposit Online Casino Bonus Guide

A select few number of casinos offer potential players a bonus for choosing them, even if you do not deposit money their! Casinos may not make money off of you immediately, but having a player play at their casino tell their friends they like it via word of mouth and possibly have the player play for real money eventually is valuable for many online casinos.

A trick a lot of online casinos use is they offer a 50 dollar, free bonus to all players without requiring a deposit, and then they make the minimum withdraw amount 200 dollars or more. Obviously the odds are not in your favor to quadruple your money, if you can quadruple your money playing casino games consistently you should be playing for real money! Anyways you may break even after a while and then wish to cash out… surprise; you cannot until your account reaches 200 dollars. This encourages you to make another deposit and play with real money, which is exactly what casinos want. Here is a quick list of online casinos that offer bonuses without requiring a deposit:

Simon Says Casino: Simon Say’s casino is very professional and a class act all the way. They have an excellent software platform and their graphics are great. Their support team is available 24/7 and will be able to answer any question and resolve any question you may have. All in all they are worth spending real money on, not to mention actually getting paid to play there.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino: Aladdin’s Gold Casino is a little different than the standard casino, which may either be a good or a bad thing. 99% of casinos are all virtually the same with small differences in bonuses and game selection; you will not have to worry about that at Aladdin’s. They put on a show to say the least; you will have a blast playing there. Give them a chance, you will thank yourself later.

All Star Slots: All Star Slots also offers players an excellent time playing and potentially free money! They are a little more traditional than Aladdin’s casino, but a lot of casinos are. Their graphics and software are very “sportsy” and their game selection is excellent. All in all you will have a great time playing there and you should take every opportunity available to take free money.

The three casinos reviewed above are all excellent options, but getting free money is never easy. All of the casinos will obviously attempt to steer you to play with real money online. Before signing up with each casino send their support team an e-mail and explain to them that you are attempting to try out their services as a “review” of sorts. Be honest and see what they can do for you.

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