Online Casino Bonus Guide

There are many online casino games that have a house edge of well under 1%. Blackjack when played with proper strategy and several different types of online slots and video poker games come to mind. These attractive player odds coupled with potential deposit and VIP bonuses from casinos can actually make playing casino games online statistically profitable if you know what you are doing. Here is a quick guide on what deposit bonuses and other VIP bonuses are and how to profit from them:

Deposit bonuses: There are literally hundreds of online casinos out their competing for a limited number of players. To be honest, most casinos are 99% the same, so they have to go to great lengths to attract new players. One of the best ways that online casinos reel in new, valuable players is by offering them hefty deposit bonuses. The standard deposit bonus in the industry is a 100% match up to around $500. This means that for every dollar you initially deposit you will be eligible for a “free” dollar from the casino, up to a certain dollar amount, in this case $500. While it is certainly possible that you could unlock the bonus and have it sent right to your bankroll it is a difficult process.

Here are the “catches”: You do not get $500 for free immediately, just for signing up for a site and depositing money there. If this were the case many casinos would go out of business because of fraudulent players attempting to game the system. You have to make a certain amount of bets to unlock the bonus. The average requirement is 20 times the bonus you are looking to unlock. This means you would have to wager $10,000 to unlock a $500 bonus. 10 thousand dollars seems like a ton, but you need to realize that is only 500 hands of blackjack at a $20 wager per hand. 500 hands of blackjack can easily be completed within 3-5 hours. The 20 times play through requirement is just an example, I have seen casinos require anywhere between 10-60 times in wagers in order to unlock the bonus. What the play through requirement happens to be is just as important as what your potential bonus will be so be sure to read the fine print before signing up for a new casino in hopes of receiving hundreds of dollars in bonus money.

Another catch with regards to deposit bonuses that many people overlook is that many games do not count towards the play through requirement. Many casinos do not allow games such as blackjack or Pai Gow poker to count towards the requirement; in fact you may not be able to play those games at all if you decide to attempt to unlock your bonus. Blackjack has a house edge of .4% if you know what you are doing, which is very low, this coupled with a potential deposit bonus can send an online casino deep into the negative over time. Casinos want you to play games such as roulette, craps, and slots, which generally have higher house edges which benefits the casinos bottom line.

Some online casinos offer just initial deposit bonuses while others offer a bonus on your first 5-20 deposits or all of your deposits. A site like Bodog offers just a 10% deposit bonus match, which is one of the smallest deposit bonuses in the industry, however you are eligible for a 10% match on all of your deposit bonuses and you do not have to run through hoops to unlock your deposit bonus. Many lower quality casinos offer a 300-400% deposit bonus match up to 2,000-4,000 dollars. No casino is ever going to be profitable giving away thousands of dollars to every new player. If you ever sign up for a casino promising a bonus that large, do not count on ever receiving it.

In addition to healthy deposit bonuses many online casinos offer additional bonuses for their most active players. Attracting new customers is very important to online casinos but keeping their existing player base happy is just as important. Bonuses vary by casino. Some casinos give out random bonuses, others tell you a certain wagering mark you have to hit to receive a bonus and others send out invitations to their VIP program if you are a high roller in their eyes. Bonuses are usually either actual money directly put into your player account, free entry into a blackjack tournament, or free technology gadgets such as HDTV’s and IPads.

All of these potential bonuses are great, but you should not change the casino you are playing at or change your playing patterns to attempt to unlock them. If you receive a bonus or an invitation to a VIP bonus program gladly take it and put it to good use, however in the end casinos are still only looking after one thing, their bottom line. Do not expect real money to fall right into your lap just for signing up with a new casino.

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