Online Casinos or Land Based Casinos

Believe it or not, online casinos and land based casinos are not in competition with each other so much as they are in competition with other casinos of their genre. It’s more likely for an online casino to be in competition with other online casino just as land based casinos are more likely to be in competition with other land based casinos. Both offer many amenities and appeal to people all across the world for different reasons. Some people gladly play at both land based and online casinos, whereas some people prefer one or the other.

There are many reasons why some people prefer to play exclusively at one or the other. Here, we can take a look at both and try to determine why some people are drawn to one place while others are drawn to another. First, let’s take a look at land based casinos, their appeal, and customer base.

A land based casino is a casino that has tangible gaming machines within a physical structure at a specific location, such as the Luxor in Las Vegas. It’s a place that one must travel to and enter in order to play its games. This type of casino is widely known about and enormously popular. Land based casinos have been around longer than the internet, and way longer than any of the online gaming sites we know of today. In fact, most people immediately think of Las Vegas whenever you mention land based casinos.

In reality, many states have land based casinos. They just aren’t as well-known as those in places such as Vegas. No matter the location, most land based casinos will offer a variety of games to play as well as the opportunity to win huge jackpots. To some, the thrill of gambling comes from the feel of the lever in their hands or the dice rolling in their palm. At a land based casino, you are also likely to be greeted by wait staff intent on keeping you happy. They will bring you anything you might desire from a fizzy cocktail to a scrumptious snack; whatever it takes to keep you playing…and tipping. To some, gambling at a land based casino is the only way to gamble and it really can be an exhilarating experience, if you can get to one.

Next, we will take a look at the online casino. Unlike a land based casino, online casinos are web based and are easily accessible by computer. Though there are many online casinos to choose from, online gaming is still a relatively new concept. They are just now beginning to gain in notoriety as well as popularity, especially amongst computer savvy gamers.

The appeal of online gaming is evident from the growing industry as well as a growing customer base. Online casinos offer their customers something that no land based casino can; gaming entertainment from home. The sheer convenience of this fact has created a loyal customer base for online casinos. There are those however, who must rely on Online casinos if they want to participate, such as those who are confined to their homes or those who live in an area where land based casinos are either nonexistent or too far to reach, for them online gaming is a great option.

It doesn’t take long to find a quality online casino. By doing a little research and reading customer reviews, you are sure to find one that you like. Many online casinos offer exciting games, pristine graphics, and high payout rates; all from the comfort of your home. No crowds, no lines, no scavenging of machines, just you and an entire casino’s worth of games to keep you entertained; all while the kids play and laundry dries.

Some online casinos have a “regular” customer base that play and chat together in casino sponsored chat rooms. These are by far, some of the best online casinos that I have found. Not only do you get the entire gaming experience, but you get the impression of being surrounded by people, even though you might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Whatever your opinion on the matter is, you should understand that land based casinos and online casinos are two separate entities and offer separate amenities to their customer base. Both have their qualities and provide entertainment and they both deserve equal consideration, now all you have to decide is which customer base are you in?

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