Online Slots Guide

Playing slots online is a lot of fun, but you need to know a few things first before you start playing seriously.

Slots occurs at a rapid pace, the average person plays over 500 rounds of slots in an hour, compared to blackjack [less than 100 hands an hour] and roulette [less than 85 spins an hour]. This means that what you make over 5 times the amount of wagers for every hour of slots you play compared to other games if you do not change the amount that you wager. If you normally bet 5 dollars on every hand of blackjack, bet just 1 dollar per every spin of the slots. Online casinos love to get their players playing on the slot machines, the fact that you can bet a lot of more money over a short period of time then your realize is one of the main reasons.

Slot machines are never “due”, online or in real life. The last few spins have no impact on what will be spun in the future. Do not waste your money by believing in these silly casino myths. You could hit two or three decent jackpots in ten minutes or go months without ever seeing a decent return on your money, it all depends on the luck of the spin.

Too many times I have heard of a casino player hitting a pretty sizeable jackpot and then gambling it all away over the next 45 minutes. If you get on a hot streak, take your money and run. One of the most important things you need to learn about casino gaming is that locking up your profits is extremely important. Everyone goes on an emotional high after they win a lot of money. This applies to investors in real estate or the stock market, sports betters, poker players as well as casino gamers. We have all made bad decisions based purely on emotion, make sure that you do not make any decisions fueled by emotion, if you like keeping your money at least.

Do not play too quickly. As I alluded to earlier, casinos love a sucker who bets heavily and plays 500+ spins in an hour. There is almost no way you will keep your bankroll if you bet that much money, that often, over a long period of time. Eventually the odds are going to catch up to you and it will not feel good. Keeping your wagers low and take it slow.

There are plenty of other games to be played; you do not want to lose a huge chunk of your bankroll after 30 minutes of playing slots. You have to expect to lose whenever you gamble, especially when playing slots. Take a small portion of your bankroll; I suggest 10% or less, every time you go to play slots online. It is always tempting to wager more, but that is simply a foolish idea that will leave your account at the casino empty.

Now that we have the basic tips out of the way, where exactly should you play slots and which variety of slots should you play? There are plenty of legitimate online casinos that devote their name and most of their games and resources towards slots. Slot Oasis is just one of the many possible examples. They offer 100+ slot games and promise major rewards if you wager enough. Other sites do not show favoritism towards one single casino game in particular but still offer a decent variety of individual types of slots. As someone who is very interested in playing slots online myself, it is tempting to go with the first option; however I have noticed that it makes little difference. General online casinos are still going to offer excellent slot games and there is really not much of a difference between having to choose between 10 and 80 games. You will never be able to play more than a few games regularly over time anyway. Do not choose a site that puts a huge emphasis towards slots in hopes that their slots playing experience will be better than any other sites.

Which individual slots game you decide to play at an online casino is all up to you. Themed based slot games [Football, Classic, and Egyptian for example] are fun, but you do not want to give up anything with regards to player odds to play them. Be sure to monitor the payout percentage of each slot machine you play at online. If a slot machine has a payout percentage of 99% for every dollar bet the player will receive 99 cents over time. A 99% payout percentage is very respectable but there is no reason to settle for it, go with the highest percentage you can find, it will preserve your bankroll longer, give you a much higher chance of coming out ahead, and make the entire experience much more fun.

Playing slots online is a great thrill, but be sure to play the right games and play the games the right way!

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