Ultimate Guide to Finding Best Online Casino Promotions

There are hundreds of different online casinos to choose from. The majority of them have the same type of games, support team, software and interface; one of the few things that separate the casinos is what they give back to the players. Many casinos promise large initial deposit bonuses and great rewards for playing often, but how do you know if they will really deliver?

There are four aspects to a deposit bonus. The first is what percentage the online casino is willing to match. A 100% match is the standard in the industry but I have seen casinos go anywhere between 10%-400%. The second aspect to a deposit bonus is the maximum amount a casino is willing to offer a player. Depending on the casino you may be eligible for anywhere between 100-3000 dollars in deposit bonus money. The third and fourth facet to deposit bonuses are lesser known but more important. Casinos obviously do not give away hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the spot to every new player. Any casino that did this would be out of business within days. The terms involved in unlocking your deposit bonus is the third aspect.

Every casino requires a player to wager a certain amount of money before they are eligible for their deposit bonus. The average play through requirement in the online casino industry is 20 times, which means to unlock a $250 dollar deposit bonus you have to wager 20 times the bonus to unlock it. IN this case you would have to make $5,000 in cumulative wagers [20 X $250= $5000]. Wagering 5000 dollars is very possible, even if you are a low roller. Remember that it is possible to play up to 100 hands of blackjack in an hour, so it would only take a dozen sessions or so of blackjack to hit $5000 in wagers playing at low stakes. Play through requirements can range between 10-60 depending on the casino, make sure you know what your casinos play through requirement is before signing up. Unfortunately hitting the play through requirement is not the only hurdle you have to jump over to unlock your bonus in many cases. Most casinos outlaw a vast number of games from counting towards the play through requirement. Games with low house edges, such as blackjack are often targeted. Casinos want you to play games that they have a higher probability of being profitable on.

The final aspect to a deposit bonus is whether you will be eligible for additional bonuses on future deposits. Many casinos only allow players opening new accounts to qualify for a deposit bonus while others allow their players to have a shot at bonuses on their first 5-20 deposits, or all of their deposits! A casino should clearly state whether you will be eligible for bonuses on future deposits, if it is not clearly stated on their website do not hesitate to give their support team a call or send them an E-mail.

Now that you know the ins and outs of deposit bonuses it should be much easier to find the best bonuses. Remember a flashy 400% deposit bonus match up to $4000 means little if the terms attached to the bonus make it near impossible to unlock. Look for a casino that blends offering a healthy bonus with reasonable terms [20 times play through requirement or less with no games outlawed]. A casino offering a bonus on deposits after your initial is a great bonus!

Thankfully most casinos offer more to promotions than just a deposit bonus. Keeping players playing and happy is also one of the biggest concerns online casinos have. To satisfy the need to please their existing player base many casinos offer them bonuses for playing. Every casino handles their promotions differently but there are two general styles.

The first style is for a casino to have a bonus program open to everyone. Every dollar you wager will generally be converted into points of some kind [“Loyalty points” are the most common phrase] and these points can add up to either make you eligible for free prizes or you can simply use them to add to your bankroll. Prizes usually include electronics and/or gift cards to restaurants and stores. This structure is best for players who do not play very often and do not make very high wagers when they do play.

The second style some casinos use with regards to promotions is a VIP, invite only club. Casinos often opt for a VIP only club because it keeps their “high rollers” happy and encourages lower to middle tier players to step up their wagering. The 80/20 rule applies to casino gaming just as it does to many other things in life. 20% of players account for 80% of a casinos revenue, so it makes the most sense for a casino to focus on the special, one out of five player who really pays their bills. This structure is best for high rollers, if you plan to wager a lot of money often, go with an online casino that has a VIP, invite only, bonus club. You will still be eligible for the same types of promotions that casinos who cater to everyone offer, you will just be shown more attention and you will have to wager less to earn more rewards in general.

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