Lion’s Pride Slot Machine

Lion’s Pride Slot machine is a 5 reel, 100 payline slot game available at dozens of Microgaming casinos. It has an African Jungle theme that is both unique and very compelling.

Stating that Lion’s Pride has excellent graphics would be putting it mildly. It is nearly impossible to replicate a game this good looking, let alone make a slot game with better graphics. Symbols include: A lion, zebra and giraffe. The theme makes you feel as if you are in sub Saharan Africa which is very cool. Colors such as yellow, black and green mix together perfectly. It is tough to describe how good Lion’s Pride slot machine looks, you will have to sign up with a Microgaming casino and make your own judgments.

The maximum jackpot offered is 6250 coins. Slot games that do not offer progressive jackpots have to make up for it by offering large fixed jackpots, any fixed jackpot 5,000 coins or higher is considered strong. Players who ignore all slot games that do not offer a progressive jackpot are really missing out on dozens of excellent slot games. Lion’s Pride has roughly the same payout percentage as all Microgaming slot games which means you are getting the same return on your money whether you play a progressive slot game or a fixed jackpot game like Lion’s Pride. Lion’s Pride still offers a large jackpot and has a lot to offer players.

Getting three to five African Tribal masks means you get up to 25 free spins. Not only do you get these free spins, you also get a multiplier while using the spins, between 2-5 times what you would normally win. This is an excellent, fun way to raise the payout percentage of a slot game!

This is a great game from top to bottom. Lion’s Pride has features that you can find elsewhere, but few, if any slot games can compete with Lion’s Pride from top to bottom.

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