Queen of the Jungle Slot Machine

Queen of the Jungle slot machine is a five reel, nine payline slot game developed by Microgaming. It is a very flexible slot game that should appeal to everyone.

Coin values range between one cent and fifty cents in Queen of the Jungle slots. You can bet up to twenty coins on each line which means you can wager between one cent and ninety dollars on each spin! It is very easy to increase and decrease the coin values and how many coins you would like to bet on each payline which is an underrated, often overlooked feature on slot games.

Queen of the Jungle obviously has a Jungle theme. Symbols include: Jane, Tarzan, Fruit, and Monkeys. It is clear that Microgaming invested many of their resources and much of their time into this game. The graphics are simply superb, it is like something you would see in a video game or in a movie theatre. Microgaming seems to be ahead of most other online gaming companies, but they really outdid themselves when making Queen of the Jungle. A Jungle theme is something almost everyone can relate to and appreciate.

Jackpots at Queen of the Jungle are respectable, but nothing out of this world. There is no progressive jackpot and fixed jackpots are 3,000, 1,500, and 1,000 coins respectively. These jackpots are solid but you can find Microgaming slot games with jackpots upwards of 5,000 coins if that is what you are looking for. Remember that jackpots are not everything when evaluating a slot game, if you want the total package you should give Queen of the Jungle a second look.

The Queen of jungle logo is the wild symbol which can take the place of any other symbol. Five or more of these symbols will give you the maximum jackpot, which is what you should be aiming for. There are two different scatter symbols. One scatter symbol is the monkey while the other is passion juice. These symbols can multiply your winnings and give you free spins if you are lucky enough to come across them.

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