Thunderstruck II Slot Machine

Thunderstruck II is a sequel to the wildly successful Thunderstruck slot game. Thunderstruck II is available at 17 different Microgaming casinos at the time of writing!

If you loved Thunderstuck, Thunderstruck II will blow your mind! There are 243 different winning combinations! Many slot games have 20-30 different winning combinations which is respectable, 243 is just unhearof! When a slot game is as popular as Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II casinos can afford to be a little more generous when handing out bonuses and winnings in general. Thunderstruck is a five reel game with no paylines, just 243 ways to win! You can use any combination of symbols across the board no matter which reel or what spot they are on. This is a unique feature that I think will become more and more popular among online slot games over the next couple of years. Slot games usually only have a shelf life of 1-2 years so you should expect to see many new games emulating Thunderstruck.

Three or more bonus symbols gives you access to the great hall of spins. Once you “gain access” to the hall of spins you can choose from 10-25 free spins. The spins are guarded, so to speak, by ancient warriors/ mythical creatures which really add to the game. Thunderstruck II is very generous as far as giving out free spins goes so you should have no problems taking a few trips down to the great hall of spins if you play for an extended period of time.

The maximum jackpot in Thunderstruck II is 1,000 coins, which seems weak, however it is important to remember a few key details. There are over 200 ways to win! You are not playing to win a godly amount of money when you decide to spend time playing Thunderstruck. By playing Thunderstruck you are sacrificing the occasional homerun in turn for being able to hit singles and doubles on a consistent basis.

Most sequels do not come close to matching the original when it comes to books, movies, or video games, Thunderstruck II goes against the grain by being even more compelling and a better overall slot game than the original. If you played Thunderstruck and enjoyed it or you simply love to play good slot games this game is for you!

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