Tribal Treasure Slot Machine

Tribal Treasure Slot Machine is a five reel, twenty five payline slot game produced by Microgaming. It has an jungle like theme with large fixed jackpots.

Fixed jackpots in online slot games usually leave a lot to be desired. The average fixed jackpot will be between 2,500-5,000 coins which is far from jaw dropping. Tribal Treasure offers a very large 10,000 coin jackpot which is as good as you will get. On top of this the secondary jackpot comes in at 1,000 coins with smaller 900 and 300 coin jackpots available as well. Few slot games, if any, offer a combination of primary and secondary jackpots that is this impressive.

Once the scatter symbol, the golden idol, appears on your screen a combined 10 times you will win 10 free spins! The golden idol only appears on the third reel but you will be surprised how quickly you will be awarded with free spins. The native symbols is the wild symbol which can take the place of all symbols except for the scatter symbol. A gamble feature is also offered. If you choose to gamble with your winnings and you correctly pick the color a random card your winnings will be doubled, no matter how large or small. If you correctly pick the suit of a card, your winnings will be quadrupled! I generally play these gamble games without hesitation when I take in a small amount of chips, however I will never gamble with my winnings if they are above 100 coins.

Tribal Treasure slots, just like all of Microgaming slot games has excellent graphics. The theme is very adventure-ish and it is a theme that will not offend anyone. Bright colors such as green, yellow, and orange are used but they are not revolting by any stretch of the imagination. The only real negative I have noticed with the theme is the lack of originality with the symbols. Interesting symbols such as a monkey, man, and a spoon are used but more than half of the symbols end up being cards which takes fun out of the game. However you know a slot game is very well made when the biggest complaint has to do with the symbols.

Tribal Treasure is a fairly new slot game being that it was released in late 2009 which is part of the reason I consider it a diamond in the rough. You will fall in love with this slot game if you give it a chance!

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