Best Online Casinos for High Rollers

The 80/20 rule that applies to so many things in life also applies to online gaming. For casinos, 80% of their business will come from 20% of their players. This means a few hundred players at each casino make or break the online casino which means casinos treat their best players like royalty. The following casinos treat high rollers the best.

1. William Hill Casino: William Hill has been THE name in the European casino industry for years. William Hill does not accept players from the United States, but they do offer their services to almost everyone else. They run on playtech software and all of their games are very well presented. William Hill offers a high roller bonus where you can qualify yourself for 500 euro’s free on a 1,000 euro deposit. You can find large bonuses similar to what William Hill offers at many smaller casinos, but few established online casinos offer bonuses that large. In addition William Hill will offer you up to 500 free euro’s on a 60% second deposit match after you unlock your initial deposit bonus. William Hill also offers a comp point program which rewards players for wagering real money on casino games. Every ten euro’s in wagers you make will earn you one comp point, how many comp points you need to cash in on prizes depends on your VIP level, if you are a high roller you will have no problem earning a ton of rewards at William Hill. William Hill is an excellent casino for everyone outside of the US to enjoy, but they go out of their way to accommodate the most important of players, High Rollers!

2. Bodog Casino: Bodog Casino is similar to William Hill Casino when it comes to reputation and being the total package, but they also offer their services to players in the United States! Bodog really has everything a new online gaming player should look for. They offer excellent online poker, online casino, and sports book betting. They have been in business for over 15 years which is a century is online years. Bodog also has an excellent support team that will be able to help you in every way you could ever imagine. Bonuses at Bodog are mundane; they offer just a 10% bonus on your initial deposit and just 10% on every deposit after that. Despite these small bonuses Bodog still goes out of its way to make sure High Rollers are kept happy. You will earn a ton of Comp points at Bodog if you are a consistent player who happens to also be a high roller. Bodog does not blow you away with unfeasible initial deposit bonuses but they do know what it takes to run a successful online gaming site, it all comes down to making their players happy.

3. Go Casino: The last casino to make the cut as high roller friendly is Go Casino. Go Casino is much different than Bodog and William Hill. The two online casinos above are very well established with huge names that command respect, very few people outside of the online gaming industry has ever heard of Go Casino. GC has only been around since 2008 but they will be in William Hill and Bodog’s league before you know it. They treat their players very well offering bonuses in excess of $1,000. Go Casino puts a huge emphasis on treating players well. Go Casino has an excellent selection of games as well as an instant play, no download option. All in all you can get everything you want from a casino at Go Casino, if you are willing to sacrifice the “big name” casino you will be very happy at Go Casino.

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