Free Spin Features in Slot Games

Slot games have changed a lot since the first slot machine was invented over a century ago. The technologies today, are far more advanced than Charles Fey ever could have imagined when he was building that cast iron slot machine in his basement. Not only are many slot games available today, but there are many variants on the classic game. With the variants comes exciting features for players.

When choosing to play slot machines online for real money, there are a lot of things a player has to decide on. What kind of slot would they prefer to play? Classic slot are great for traditional players, however; the bonus features on these game are very slim. Video slots, on the other hand, come with many features to make the experience even more exciting for the player. There are many video slot games across the online gaming network, and depending on the platform the player chooses, the varieties are plentiful.

When playing a video slot with a bonus feature, more times than not, the bonus feature will include free games. This is probably the most popular bonus feature among players as well. It gives players a chance to boost their bankroll without betting anything, once the feature is triggered. The free spin game options have changed over time as well, making it even more exciting for the player. Players can choose between free game and multipliers in the newest of slot releases on most platforms. Free game features usually always come with a multiplier of some sort, but with the new games, players can give up a certain amount of free spins for a higher multiplier.

The question then becomes; which one should the player choose? There is really no right answer to this question, as it’s all up to the player. Some experts in the industry report that since the slot games online are random; it would only make sense to choose the higher multiplier. They back up this statement by saying the result of the free spins game would be the same no matter the option that was chosen, so the results of all spins would be identical as well, so picking the higher multiplier would help make any wins much more profitable. However, many players do not go by this and would much rather take their chances at more free games, sacrificing the higher multiplier. Their logic is; the more spins played means more chances of having payline wins. It all boils down to the players preference, and as stated earlier, there are no right answers.

Additionally, many online slot machines that have free games will also have a second screen bonus feature where the player must successfully complete a series of actions to determine how many free games they will receive. For example, the new RTG game Basketbull allows the player to shoot free throws for free games. Depending on the number of successful shots the player makes, the player is rewarded free spins accordingly. Also, certain slot games will allow the player to play for their multiplier by completing challenges or randomly picking from choices they are given at the start of the feature.

Other games have set amount of free games, and these are usually found on the older slots. Still exciting as the other choices, these free games are set at a specific amount, as is the multiplier in most cases. These games introduced free spins to the player, and by popular demand the free spin features became more interactive and engaging throughout the years.

Depending on the software platform you choose to play, there are many games that have free spin features. If that is your preferred bonus feature, check the pay table before playing. It will not only let you know if the game has a free game bonus, it will also list all the details about the bonus feature such as; rules, what is needed to trigger the feature, and potential payouts and multipliers. There is a slot game for any slot lover, check out the new games for added excitement, and even better free spin features.

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