Guide to playing Craps Online for Real Money

Playing craps online for real money can be a blast, but only if you know what you are doing, here are five things you have to know before wagering your own money to play craps online.

1. Make the right bets. The only real piece of craps strategy that I, or anyone else for that matter, can give you is to make the right bets. After you have made the correct bets craps is completely a game of chance. There are several different bets you can make in craps, they have a house edge ranging from 1.2-15+ percent! That is a huge disparity in odds. Making 20 wagers [15 minutes worth of play at a craps table] at a 15% house edge will completely annihilate your bankroll, you will be lucky to have any money left. Making bets with a house edge of barely above one percent is a pretty good proposition for players. Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets both pay even money and have a house edge of just 1.41%, these are the bets that you want to make when playing craps. Place bets [especially on 6&8] and place bets to lose also give the player a decent value. Never make a bet on the Big 6 and 8, this bet is exactly like the place bet on 6&8 except they pay even money instead of 7 to 6. Because of this the house edge on this bets skyrockets from 1.2% all the way to 9.1%.

2. Casinos love when you make proposition bets. Proposition bets, or prop bets for short, have a house edge of between 5.5-16.7% house edge. The house advantage in these bets are literally up to more than 10 times the house advantage in other potential bets that you could make. There are over a dozen different prop bets that you can make, and many are tempting because they pay more than 30 to 1, but over time these bets will absolutely deplete your bankroll. When playing craps pretend that prop bets do not exist. Focus on even money bets [Come/Don’t Come, Pass/Don’t Pass] and place bets when at the craps table.

3. Never wager real money online until you have wagered fake money! A craps table, especially online can be intimidating, to play online for free, with no download or personal information required. There are so many different bets you can make in craps and so many different possible outcomes that playing craps online for real money, without ever playing it before online can be deadly to your bankroll. Take twenty minutes to play craps online with fake money just to get a feel for the game. After this you should be comfortable enough to play for real, just be sure that you know everything that is going on and all of the potential outcomes before you wager your hard earned money on anything casino related, especially craps.

4. Your emotions are bad! Casinos make money off of having a house edge in their games. For example, a 1% house edge will yield one dollar for every 100 dollars in wagers over time for the casino. But casinos, even online casinos still have to pay employees and make a profit to stay alive. They would not be so prosperous if it were not for silly online casino players that use emotions instead of logic as a backbone for the decisions they make. Do not make silly prop bets or Big 6/8 bets just because the last 3 rolls have yielded a certain outcome. No bets are ever “hot” and none are ever “due”. This game is based purely on chance, over time certain bets will yield certain outcomes but in the short run there is no logic or rationality involved. Play smart and thank yourself later.

5. Bet small and walk away quickly. The best way to give yourself a legitimate shot to come out ahead is to make just a few small to medium sized bets and to walk away quickly. If you make 1000 bets in craps, theoretically you literally have no chance of breaking even or heaven forbid coming out ahead. The less bets you make, the smaller the sample size will be, smaller sample sizes mean more variance, which means you have a legitimate shot at beating the odds. Make 5 bets instead of 50 or 15 bets instead of 75, you are giving yourself an exponentially better shot at beating the odds and coming out ahead.

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