Guide to playing Keno Online for Real Money

Keno is not one of the more popular online casino games but it is still a lot of fun to play and available to play online. Here is a quick guide to playing Keno online for real money.

Keno is basically like playing the lottery online, it is completely a game of chance. You pick anywhere between 1-15 numbers, the payouts obviously increase while the chances of you winning decreases. The exact house edge in Keno is unknown but is thought to be anywhere between 15-25%. There are two ways to look at Keno:

The first way to look at Keno is to compare it with other casino games. After all, when you are playing online at Bodog, Online Vegas, or any other casino you have hundreds of different games to choose from. Why would you play a game that has a double digit house edge when games like blackjack [.5% house edge], roulette [2.6/5.2% house edge], and craps [single digit house edge on most bets] are available? Hitting a big win in Keno is a lot of fun, as much fun as winning a big hand in Pai Gow poker or hitting a big payday in slots, however big wins, or wins at all in Keno will not come as often as they will in other games. Also, Keno does not test you mentally like other casino games. Pai Gow Poker and blackjack appeal to many because it is mentally taxing, in a good way. You do not win because you got lucky alone, you also have to use your mind and knowledge of the game to put yourself over the top. It is a great test and makes winning that much better. The only thing Keno tests is how good you are at picking numbers, no one person is better than another, which makes the game bland to many.

Another way to look at Keno is to compare it with other lottery games that you could play. This is likely a much better comparison as Keno is nothing more than the lottery in the first place. My local lottery takes more than 40 cents of every dollar in revenue it takes, which is the same as more than a 40% house edge. Other lotteries take as much as 80 cents on the dollar and as little as 15 cents or so on the dollar. Keno is now looking pretty good as far as odds go compared to lotteries outside of the computer. Why compare a lottery game to a normal casino game, which is like comparing apples to oranges. The internet and actual casinos give you a better chance than many government run lottery programs around the world, how is that for irony?

There is no one right or wrong way to look at playing Keno online. Keno’s odds are much more harsh on players than most of the mainstream casino games but much better than the majority of other lottery games you will experience. In the end it all comes down to what you prefer. If you like a game based solely on chance than games like roulette and keno are perfect for you. If you like to research into specific game strategies and delve deep into a game, forget about keno and focus on the dozens of different casino games that will allow you to rely both of chance and your skills.

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