Guide to playing Roulette Online for Real Money

Roulette is a thrilling game, whether you are playing online or in an actual casino. There are a ton of different bets to make and lots of terminology to know. Never play roulette, or any casino game for that matter, online for real money without knowing the ins and outs of the game.

Roulette is a pretty straightforward game; there are either 37 or 38 slots [depending on whether you play American or European roulette] and the outcome of your bet determines on which slot the ball lands. There are several different bets you can make. Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36 bets all pay 1:1 and are relatively straight forward. There are sixline bets, which pay 5 to 1 where you get to pick 6 slots. Corner bets where you pick 4 numbers and receive a 8 to 1 payout if you hit it. Street bets allow you to choose 3 numbers and pays 11 to 1, split bets allow you to choose 2 numbers and pays 17 to 1. Of course there are single bets where you can pick any number and receive a 35 to 1 payout if you happen to win. All of the bets listed above have a fairly high house edge of 5.26% in American roulette and a respectable 2.6% in European roulette. The one bet you should never make in roulette is the first five bet. You choose 5 numbers and get a payout of 6 to 1 if you hit it, however the house edge is much higher in this bet than any other available, simply stay away from this bet if you do not like losing money.

The odds are against you either way, but if you want to have a chance playing roulette online for real money you need to play European roulette instead of American roulette. European roulette has 37 slots, featuring just 1 single 0, American roulette has 38 slots with both a single zero and a double zero on the board. The double zero that American roulette features doubles the house edge, which eliminates any chance you had of coming out ahead in the long run. A house edge of over five percent is just too much to overcome. Thankfully almost every legitimate, major online casino offers a European roulette option, be sure to take this option. Most actual casinos in the US still feature American roulette only. Actual casinos have a higher overhead than online casinos; they have more bills to pay and more paychecks to cut. Also it is very easy to switch from one online casino to the next, simply click a few buttons and you have a new account, going to one actual casino rather than another is disruptive and much more of a hassle. Playing American roulette over European roulette is like donating money to a casino.

As long as you avoid first five bets and you play European roulette online you are giving yourself a pretty solid chance. A house edge of 2.6% compares pretty favorably to most casino games online. Blackjack can have a house edge of under .5%, but that is only for players who play with proper strategy, most experience house edges of 1-4%. The house edge in most bets in craps is well above 2.6%. Pai Gow poker and most slot games have a house edge around 2-3 percent. Playing casino games online is all about having fun and making bets that you can afford to lose. Playing roulette is bound to be a ton of fun, as long as you make very small wagers. If you bet big often you will lose big over thousands of spins, if you make a few small to medium wagers you do have a chance at coming out ahead. The more wagers you make the more the odds will catch up to you.

Never trust, or invest money into any roulette system, period. There are plenty of fool proof roulette systems available online for 20, 50, or 100 dollars, no system can shift the odds in your favor, these systems are complete scams. There are many popular betting systems with regards to roulette, but I would ignore them as well. One system has you make 5 theorhetical bets on 1 to 1 payouts, each bet is equal to the sum of the previous bets you made, once you win a bet you go back to square one. For example, you start out making a 1 dollar bet on red, you lose so you make a 2 dollar bet, then 3, then 6, 12. If you win the first bet you win a dollar, if you win any of the 2-5 bets you break even, if you lose all 5 bets [which happens roughly 3% of the time] you lose 24 dollars. This system will work for a while, but the 3% chance you lose all 5 bets will eventually rear its ugly head and cause your bankroll to plummet.

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