Guide to playing Slots Online for Real Money

Playing Slot online for real money is a ton of fun and can be financially rewarding if you know what you are doing. However there are a few things that you need to know before you risk your hard earned money online playing slots.

1. The odds are against you. People have all kinds of crazy ideas with regards to slots, even playing slots online for real money. They think some machines or games online are “out to get them”, many players often tell me they played “rigged” games or the slot games they played were “scams”. No legitimate online casino is out to scam you; the odds are simply against you. If the house edge in a slot game is 5% you are going to lose five cents of every dollar that you bet over time. That is about the same odds you will face playing American roulette and better odds than many other casino games including Keno. Bodog, Crazy Slots, Millionaire casino and all of the other big time casinos are not corrupt, they are business’s, if they ever offered you a game that had a negative house edge they would essentially be paying their customers for using their services and would soon go out of business. Think rationally before you make allegations against online casinos or casinos in real life.

2. Casinos love for you to play slots. Have you ever wondered why so many online casinos have “slots” in their names? There are hardly any casinos with blackjack or craps in their names, but slots seem to be a focal point in every casinos marketing strategy. This is because casinos love when you play slots. It is not necessarily because slot games have a huge house edge, it is that players wager 5-10 times as much playing slots in twenty minutes as they do in a typical casino game in the same period of time. Slots is a very quick game, you make your bet, see the outcome, and do it all over again. From start to finish one turn on the slot machine might take you 15 seconds at the most. Games like blackjack, pai gow poker and even Baccarat take at least 45 seconds to a minute from start to finish. You will end up wagering 3-5 times as much money in a period of time as you are used to if you do not adjust how much you bet. If you normally wager one 5 dollar unit each time in games like blackjack and roulette, wager just 1 dollar a time in slots.

3. Different slot games have different odds. Slots has a house edge of anywhere between 1-20%. This is a giant discrepancy. A 1% house edge is very player friendly and can only be beat by a few casino games [blackjack being played with perfect strategy is one of the games that can beat slots as far as player odds go]. A 20% house edge is a complete rip off, even the worst possible bets you could make in Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette all give players a better chance to succeed in the long run than the worst slot games. Playing slots online or in real life is all about chance, there is no strategy. The only thing you can do to help your bottom line is pick a slot game that offers you the best odds. Do not worry about the theme of the game you are playing or how “pretty” a game looks, go with the game that actually gives you a chance to win in the long run. Online casinos will likely attempt to steer you towards the slot games that give you the worst possible odds, do not follow the rest of the herd into games that will rip you off, do your own research or you will pay the price in the end!

4. Never buy any slot E-book/strategy book. Scam artists love to sell miracle slot E-books and strategy books online. You see an advertisement, you click on it and it takes you to a long, drawn out sales page. There are testimonials from customers who bought the book [these are made up by the way] who are now millionaires and quit their day job to play slots a few hours a day. You are offered a money back guarantee if you buy right now! You take the bait and figure you will get your money back if the magical slots system does not end up working. The E-book ends up being complete trash and you are not granted a refund of what you paid for the E-book/slots system. This trick fools hundreds of people each day, never pay for slots information or strategies, or strategies for any casino game for that matter. The best information about any casino game can be found for free on the internet.

5. Always play maximum coin on progressive slot machines. Almost all progressive slot machines only allow the player to walk away with the bonus if he/she played with maximum coin. Most of the time you want to avoid playing maximum coin on slot machines, but not with progressives. The only thing keeping the house edge in slots relatively low is the chance that you would hit the bonus and receive a big pay day. Playing a slot machine and having no chance whatsoever to win the top prize is foolish. You may be a longshot to win the bonus, but being a longshot is a lot better than having no shot. If you play progressive slot machines online or in real person without playing maximum coin all you are doing is raising the bonus for the next player to come around, you simply are not even giving yourself a chance. This is one of the only legitimate online slot strategies so it is important to pay attention and follow this rule!

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