Guide to playing Video Poker Online for Real Money

Video poker has it all in my opinion. It is a game based on both chance and skill, it offers a low house edge and there are possibilities for big time paydays. Also you do not have to worry about tipping a dealer or anything like that. Here is a quick of guide on how to play video poker online for real money.

1. Know the payouts before playing. This is completely elementary, meaning if you do not know the payouts of every possible scenario before playing you might as well concede before even starting. Jacks or better video poker is the most common form of video poker, when played with perfect strategy it has a house edge of 99.55% or so, meaning the house edge is less than one half of one percent, which is very low in the casino industry. A royal flush pays 800 to 1, but is obviously extremely rare. A straight flush pays 50 to 1 in jacks or better video poker. Four of a kind pays 25 to 1 and a full house, which is the first “somewhat realistic” outcome pays 9 to 1. A flash pays 6 to 1, a straight pays 4 to 1. Three of a kind pays 3 to 1, two pair pays 2 to 1. A pair, which only counts if its jacks or better, pays you 1 to 1, meaning you get your initial bet back and you start from square one. Almost every video poker machine I have come across in real life posts the payouts in plain sight for you to see, but it is still important to know before playing.

2. Determine your strategy. Playing with simple vs. perfect strategy only shifts the house edge in jacks or better by a tenth of one percent, but that is a 20 percent decrease, which will add up over time. 90% or more of your decisions in video poker over which of the five cards to keep and which to through away will be obvious, but every now and then you will come across a difficult decision. Should you keep two fours in hopes of getting a third or should you deal those two cards away in hopes of hitting a straight or a flush? An experienced video poker player knows which moves to make almost immediately without having to think twice, you will eventually get their if you stay dedicated enough. There are very small differences between strategies, these differences are too complex to cover in this article, but the information is out there to be had, make sure you are giving yourself every opportunity to succeed.

3. Perfect your strategy. Simply never make a mistake. It sounds ridiculous but that is what it is going to take to give yourself a chance. If you want to make sure that you are making the right moves, check out []. You will be able to play for free on this site and it will tell you when you are making the right/wrong moves. After a few hours of playing you will notice that you hardly ever make a mistake, after a few weeks you will be nearly flawless. A payout percentage of 99.5%+ is excellent, it is simply unmatched in the casino industry but after playing thousands and thousands of hands you will lose more than you win.

4. Play at the right online casino. I mentioned in #3 above that you will lose out over long periods of time when playing video poker. That statement is right… most of the time. Thankfully many casinos offer great promotions and bonuses. Some casinos offer a 100-400% deposit bonus match up to thousands of dollars, it is easy to hit the play through requirements playing video poker online with real money because video poker takes 15-20 seconds from start to finish to complete in most cases. Receiving hundreds or possibly even thousands of extra dollars once you are done playing can obviously be the difference between coming out ahead and losing money. In addition many online casinos give “loyalty points” for every dollar you bet, after a couple week of consistently playing video poker online at medium stakes you should rack up enough points to get yourself a nice prize/cash bonus.

5. If you do not want to bother learning a strategy, forget it. Simply put if you just “adlib” your strategy [make it up as you go] you do not stand a chance. Casino games are too harsh on players to leave any room for error. You have no idea how bad it hurts to keep two jacks to receive a 1 to 1 payout while giving up a potential straight, flush, or any other great paying hand. You have to be disciplined and determined to make yourself a great video poker player.

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