Multi-Tiered Online Casino Promotions

Promotions are perhaps the best thing about playing online for some players. This is a marketing tool used by online casinos to get players into their virtual doors, and get the players depositing. More often than not, all casinos will offer a bonus offer of some sort to welcome the player to the casino, and boost their first deposit. Online casino promotions don’t stop at the first deposit, but this is what attracts many players to the casino in the first place.

It’s industry standard to offer a welcome bonus, but some casinos have gone beyond the normal welcome bonus offer, and now offer players many deposit bonuses in a multi-tiered bonus package. The total free money up for grabs is usually a substantial amount of free cash when looked at as a whole, but players aren’t just given $5000 free on their first deposit. These online casino promotions are broken down deposit by deposit, and sometimes even over extensive periods of time.

The more traditional casino bonus offers are a one-time percentage amount and the best thing about multi-tiered welcome bonuses are the percentages offered are usually competitive with other online casinos. For example, if a casino is offering a 100% match deposit on the players’ first deposit, the multi-tiered casino bonus will usually offer this same offer multiple times in the package, and in most cases and even higher percentage amount.

The first deposit will usually be the highest percentage offered in the package, but this is not always the case. Casinos may use higher percentages for the third or fourth deposits, which will encourage players to add more money and keep playing at the casino. An example of how this multi-tier casino bonus works can be found in the breakdown of the welcome promotion offered at a popular online casino:

Deposit Bonus Percent Min Max Info
1st 100% $25 $1000 up to $1000 Free
2nd 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
3rd 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
4th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
5th 100% $25 $1000 up to $1000 Free
6th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
7th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
8th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
9th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
10th 100% $25 $1000 up to $1000 Free
11th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
12th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
13th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
14th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
15th 100% $25 $1000 up to $1000 Free
16th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
17th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
18th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
19th 50% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free
20th 100% $25 $2000 up to $1000 Free

Of course not all casinos follow in the same footsteps. Some online casinos will spread the welcome promotion over weeks or months and in some cases the entire year. These aren’t as attractive as the immediate bonus offers available at other online casinos, but if played wisely; these promotions can be a nice boost to your bankroll and can guarantee that the player will have a bonus offer to match their deposit over the promotional time period.

Players are attracted to online casino promotions for one reason; it gives them more money to play with, and it helps them play longer. In turn, playing longer will usually mean to most players, a bigger chance of winning. Multi-tiered casino bonuses are definitely geared towards the bonus players. More and more casinos are offering the above standard welcome promotion because the popularity of the multi-tiered casino bonus has almost become the new standard in casino bonus offers.

When choosing to play online and using a bonus, there are always terms and conditions attached to the promotion. Before opting in and taking advantage of any promotion at any casino; players should read the fine print to ensure they know what they are getting into. Wagering requirements, maximum cash out caps, and restricted games are just a few of the general rules applied to online deposit promotions. Make sure the casino you are playing is safe, and reputable to help enhance your experience. There are many online casinos and promotions available to players all around the world, make sure to find the one that works best for you.

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