Online Casino Bonus Guide for High Rollers

Being a “high roller” gives you many distinct advantages in the online gaming world. If you “play your cards right” you could subject yourself to extra online casino bonuses that normal players could never think of getting.

The 80/20 rule applies to almost everything in life, casino gaming is no different. Online casinos get around 80% of their business from their top 20% of their players. This means the livelihood of their business centers upon acquiring top 20% players [high rollers] and keeping them playing and happy. Even players who are not high rollers have a lot of leverage in the online gaming industry. There are hundreds of different quality sites to play at, so if a site does not meet everything they are looking for switching over to a different online gaming site is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. High rollers obviously have a ton of leverage, which means you can get bonuses that seem unreal.

There are two real ways a player in any online gaming industry, including casino gaming, can receive bonuses. The first is deposit bonuses. Casinos obviously want to encourage potential players to become customers, so they offer a 10%-400% match on their first deposit with a few strings attached. A few casinos also offer bonuses on your next 2-10 deposits to keep you playing. As a high roller it is important to squeeze every penny out of the casino that you can. Before depositing at a casino explain to them how much you plan to wager monthly and how you will continue to play at the casino as long as the gaming portal satisfies your needs. Trust me; managers at online casinos love to get E-mails from potential players saying that they will make $10,000 or $100,000 in wagers monthly. That will go a long way in meeting their monthly goals which will make their bosses very happy. You should be able to bargain your way to an even better deal. See if you can raise the percentage match the casino is offering on your deposit or the maximum amount they will match it up to. Even better, try to bargain your way to a lower play through requirement, even getting the play through requirement reduced from 25 times to 15 times could do wonders for your bottom line.

Deposit bonuses are great, but loyalty/VIP programs that casinos run can be much better. There are no strings attached to rewards coming from VIP programs like cash directly into your account or new gadgets like an Iphone. Loyalty programs are usually open to everyone. For example, you may get 1 loyalty point for every 10 dollars in wagers that you make. 1,000 loyalty points might earn you a $25 gift certificate to Wal-Mart or $20 directly into your player account. Loyalty programs are nice, but as a high roller you can get so much more out of a VIP program. Around a third to a half of all online casinos offer a VIP program. Before signing up for an online casino check to see if the casino offers an invitation only VIP program, if they do E-mail the casinos support team prior to signing up to see what it would take to get an invitation to the program and what good could come out of it.

VIP programs have a lot to offer in addition to prizes like cash, gift cards, and electronics. You should have a dedicated manager assigned to your account if you are deemed a high roller. This could end up being the best bonus you could ask for. You can have someone specifically you can talk to about raising your weekly maximum withdraw or ensuring that your latest deposit will go through quickly. Casinos have excellent support teams these days, but it is hard to rival a dedicated manager that will do almost anything to keep you playing.

The house edge in many casino games is under 1%, so receiving added gifts and bonuses for being a high roller may end up putting you in the “black” if you play your cards right. Do not be afraid to give casinos a call or send them an E-mail to negotiate bonuses and loyalty rewards. Remember that the only reason casino support helpers have a job is because of high rollers like yourself. The worst thing they can say is no!

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