Multi-Level Online Casino Tournaments

Many online casinos will offer tournament competitions for their players. Tournaments have become a pivotal part in online gaming, and the leading software providers offer the best casino competitions in the industry. Many online casinos offer daily, weekly and monthly tournament events to keep their players coming back for more. Occasionally, there are huge prize pool multi-level competitions for players to take advantage of. These online casino tournaments will offer sometimes six figure prize pools, along with other extravagant prizes for the victorious players. These tournaments are not like the regular competitions players are used to playing on a regular basis, these special prize competitions have multiple levels, and since the prizes are so massive and generous they are usually offered far less frequently.

The way these online casino tournaments work is the player must pay an entry fee in most cases, depending on the event it can be anywhere from a few dollars to a substantial amount of cash. This not always the rule, but just a general view on how these multiple level tournaments usually work. Once entered, the player will play their way to the top of the leader board by going head to head with other players for the grand prize. The scheme of the competition is usually broken down into levels. If the player reaches a certain objective in the first level, they advance to the next and this continues until the end of the competition.

The first level is commonly referred to as the qualifying round. This is where the player either pays the entry fee, or enters a freeroll competition. The qualifying round will usually have a series of events the player must complete before advancing to the next level in the tournament. The top players at the end of the qualifying round will often share a prize pool, but more importantly; they are given a free entry into the following tournament.

The second level works much like the first level, and even players that didn’t qualify in the previous round can pay to join this level for a fee. The entry fee to this level is much higher than it would be for the qualifying round, and players should try to get into the action as soon as the qualifying round begins to avoid these high entry fees. The number of objectives for the players to complete in the second level of the tournament is fewer than the first round, and this will continue to happen in the levels leading up to the final round. Players that compete in the levels, but do not qualify for a free entry to the next, can again pay to join in the action for an even higher entry fee. The higher the level, the higher the fee will be so it’s imperative to join in the competition as early as possible. The prize pool for the final round is the largest of all levels, and it keeps players excited about the tournament in play.

These competitions differ from the normal casino tournament as they usually run on for a few days, weeks or the entire month in many cases. The first level in the tournament can often run for a few weeks alone, so patience is needed on the players end. As the levels progress, and the number of players decrease, the time between rounds will change substantially.

Casinos that offer these tournaments are going to market them the best way they can. Announcements, emails and advertisements are usually promoted in advance to ensure all players have knowledge of the happenings. If the casino is part of a group, usually the tournament will be held at all the casinos within that group, so players can expect to receive numerous emails regarding the same event. Also, in the lobby of the casinos there will usually be a banner or advertisement, and this is another way for the casino to market the even to their players.

The prizes for these online casino tournaments aren’t always cash prizes. It could be a getaway, expensive gadgets, bonus prizes and more, so it’s important for players to familiarize themselves on what they are playing for. When the casino is offering a getaway, it’s usually all expenses paid, and all perks are included. This can be even more exciting than cash to some players, and casinos know just what to offer to get the players involved in these huge events. Vacations are common prizes for online tournaments, and in the past we have witnessed casinos sending players from anywhere like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and even on extravagant cruises. No matter the prize, it’s going to luxurious and players are going to play to win.

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