Online Casinos Highest Payout

In the end playing at an online casino all comes down to payout percentage. Getting “loyalty points” is nice, as is receiving a sweet deposit bonus, but that means nothing if a casino takes 10 dollars for themselves out of every 100 dollar wager you make. A casino’s payout percentage is simply how much it gives back to the player. An average payout percentage in the casino industry is around 97.5% which means for every 100 dollars in wagering the player makes they will see 97 dollars and 50 cents come back to them. A payout percentage is a direct representation of the average house edge of the games an online casino provides. In short, you want to play at casinos that have a high payout because you have a better shot at coming out ahead.

Here is a quick overview of the 7 casinos with the highest payout percentages in the industry.

Go Casino- Go Casino has a documented payout percentage of 98.75%, which is the highest payout percentage a reputable online casino has in the industry at the moment. They are only a few years old but Go Casino is quickly becoming one of the titans of the industry. Go Casino has excellent games, they have excellent graphics, and they obviously give their players the best chance of any online casino in the world. At the very least Go Casino is a great casino that deserves a chance to take your business.

Online Vegas- Online Vegas has the second highest payout percentage in the industry at a whopping 98.68%! Online Vegas is also just two years old but they take players from all around the world and they are a first class company. Online Vegas has a great deposit bonus structure, you only have to wager 10 times the deposit bonus you are looking to unlock to be eligible for it. A 10 times play through requirement is almost unheard of in the industry. Online Vegas gives their players an excellent chance to succeed, make a deposit and see for yourself!

Millionaire Casino- Not to be outdone, Millionaire casino has a payout percentage of 98.65%, which is one of the highest payout percentages in the world. There is not a huge difference with regards to payout percentages with regards to hundredths of percentage points, tenths matter over time but the difference between 98.65 and 98.68 is hardly noticeable. When casinos are nearly identical as far as payout percentage goes you should focus on how much you enjoy each casino, because in the end online gaming is all about having a good time.

Rushmore Casino- Rushmore casino is another online gaming portal that is not afraid to give its players a fair chance. Its payout percentage is a whopping 98.63%, which is very solid. Rushmore accepts US players, which is a huge plus. They have great graphics and a 100% deposit bonus match of up to $888, which is very impressive. Rushmore runs on RTG [Real Time Gaming] software which means they are as competitive as anyone as far as software goes. Rushmore is a great place to have fun and actually have a chance to win online playing casino games. You are bound to have a blast playing and they are definitely worth a try.

All Slots- All Slots also has an impressive payout percentage of 98.58 percent. All Slots puts a huge emphasis on slots. They have dozens of individual slot games and Slots is even in their name. Slots are notorious for not being player friendly, which shows you how different All Slots is. If you love playing slots as much as I do you are bound to have a blast gaming at All Slots. Make sure to pace yourself however, you can make 5-10 times the wagers playing slots for an hour as you can blackjack, craps, or roulette.

Cherry Red- Cherry Red has a payout percentage that is competitive with almost anyone at 98.58 percent. Getting almost 99 dollars back on a 100 dollar wager is excellent in the casino industry, that is exactly what you will get if you go with Cherry Red or any of the other casinos listed here. Online casinos have much lower overheads than actual casinos, so they can afford to offer their players much better deals. Actual casinos give you comps, but that is about it, you do not see giant deposit bonuses or VIP loayalty rewards. All in all, if you want a great deal, playing online is the way to go. Cherry Red will do everything they can to make you happy as a player if you choose them.

Silver Oak – Silver Oak is the last casino up for review and they certainly do not disappoint with a payout percentage of 98.58. Silver Oak has made a name for themselves by serving the players every need. Instead of investing a ton of money into their software or “cute” graphics they do everything they can to satisfy their players. You will be up for big time deposit bonuses and other loyalty rewards if you choose Silver Oak. In addition they have an excellent support team. Playing at Silver Oak would be a no brainer if there weren’t so many other great options online!

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