The Psychology of Online Gambling

Despite popular belief, no game of chance is just up to luck. There are a lot of factors that play into online gambling, and why we as players act the way we do. The most important psychological thing to most players when gambling, either online or at their local land casinos, is the chance of winning a large amount of money, quickly. It’s very important to also remember that even the most careful and educated players’ still will end up losing in the long run.

Psychological effects have much significance when it comes to playing online for real money. There are two views on the subject; gambling can be considered harmful and negative in some eyes, while others are more open to accepting it as a form of entertainment. The majority of people do view gambling in a negative way, like drugs and alcohol, for example.

The people that view gambling as negative or bad behavior, aren’t usually risk takers themselves. They would much rather hold onto their monies instead of risking it with an investment such as a risky real estate deal or the stock market. The stock market is also a game of chance as is online gambling, so it makes sense that these people would not risk their money on either of the two. These people usually put gambling in the same hand as uncontrollable urges or behavior as well, they may even feel sorry for the gambler as if they were sick with a threatening health condition. There is little to nothing that will change their outlook on gambling.

Then there are those people that view gambling as just another form of entertainment such as video games, or going out for a couple of drinks and dancing. They see it in a positive light, and as a purely recreational activity. They do not process the concept of online gambling as the others and are more rational when it comes to discussing this subject. They do not enjoy losing any more than the rest of us, however; they believe that the losing part gambling is just another natural way of life.

Neither of these views should be criticized or judged, it is just a personal preference that everyone has a right to have. It boils down to making our own decisions, and not trying to make others feel the same as we do. We are all individuals, and we are entitled to have feelings and opinions, what is healthy for some, may not always be healthy for others.


While playing online, it is important for one to remember self-control. Never play with emotions is a good tip to keep in mind when playing any game of chance, online or in the real world. When a player crosses that line, they are no longer in the right mindset to continue to play and make rational decisions while doing so. It’s pivotal for the player to have their wits about them when dealing with gambling as it can get out of control for some players, and this can happen quickly. Intelligent players always keep the emotions out of the equation, and know when it’s time to just walk away from the machine or the table. They will never play beyond their means, and never go as far as others that have lost control.

Gambling can be full of emotions, it’s true. The most important factor is handling them correctly. There are many ups and downs when playing any game of chance, and emotion is a natural human reaction to risky scenario, it’s pivotal to not let these emotions stay with you, as they can hinder your self-control and rational decision making. For instance, if you are close to winning a huge amount of money, and it doesn’t work out in your favour, it’s only natural to be upset; the trick is not letting that emotion stay with you on the following hand or spin. If you must, take a break. It’s a great way to let off some steam and cool down before you continue playing. A clear and level mind can make a huge difference in how you play your online casino games.

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