Good To Be Bad Slot Machine

It’s Good to Be Bad is an excellent name for an online slot machine and it is a great slot game developed by Real Time Gaming.

My favorite part about Good To Be Bad Slots is a special progressive jackpot they offer. If you manage to lose 29 spins in a row, lose, not win, you will be eligible for a large progressive jackpot. It takes some serious bad luck to lose 29 times in a row when playing slots online so Real Time Gaming decided it would be a good idea to reward your bad luck. By the time you hit 22-23 losses in a row you may find yourself rooting for you to lose because the progressive bonus you will take home will likely dwarf whatever you would win off of the normal game. I have not heard of this feature being available at any other slot machines and it is something that will hopefully spread. After hitting just 4 losing spins in a row you will be greeted with a free spin at no extra charge!

The progressive jackpot in it’s good to be bad averages between 20,000-30,000 dollars but it all depends of course. Other jackpots are small starting off at less than 1,000 coins and going down from there. Several colors are used in the slot game but red and blue are the most prevalent. Many times slot games are very “over the top” with tacky colors and sounds everywhere just to attract attention and have the slot game make a name for itself. Real Time Gaming was able to make a unique, fun game without it getting on anyone’s nerves!

This is an excellent game to play, it has two progressive jackpots, one for doing well and one for having terrible luck! If you happen to run into a cold streak Real Time Gaming will reward you with free spins and large jackpots! This game is a must play, if the theme was a little stronger and more pronounced this would be one of the best online slot games I have ever reviewed.

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