Mystic Dragon Slot Machine

Mystic Dragon Slot Machine is a 5 REEL, 25 payline game from Real Tim Gaming. It is well made in all facets and it has a lot to offer players. Bets can range from 1 cent to 5 dollars on any of the twenty five paylines which means that you can wager between a cent and $125 on each spin. You can only bet one coin per line but coin values range from 1 cent to five dollars so both low rollers and high rollers can enjoy this game.

The top jackpot is 20,000 coins which can be increased to 40,000 coins with multipliers! A 20,000 coin jackpot is about as large of a jackpot as you will ever see in the online gaming industry in a non-progressive slot game. Secondary jackpots are very strong as well, the second jackpot offered when playing Mystic Dragon is 12,000 coins and the third largest is 8,000 coins. Never play an online slot game that has a maximum jackpot of 5,000 coins or less when there are games such as Mystic Dragon Slot Machine where the third largest jackpot is a whopping 8,000 coins!

Symbols include a Dragon, Knight, Princess, Castle… If you are into the medieval, cliché theme with a knight trying to save a princess than you are sure to love Mystic Dragon. One of my favorite parts about Mystic Dragon, aside from the large jackpots, is the uniqueness of the theme. How many other online slot games feature a knight in shining armor? Real Time Gaming has the resources to pull a theme like this off; a smaller gaming company with less experience would have a hard time making such crisp, fluid graphics.

The Volcano is the scatter symbol which can multiply your bet up to 500 times! Most of the time the Volcano symbol will give you a smaller multiplier between 2-5 times whatever your winnings were, but either way something is better than nothing! Mystic Dragon Slot Machine is not one of Real Time Gaming’s best known online slot games, but it is a solid game that is a lot of fun to play, if you are into the Knight/ Princess theme you will have a blast playing this game at any Real Time Gaming casino.

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