Texan Tycoon Slot Machine

American’s know that Texas might as well be their world. “Everything is bigger in Texas” is the famous saying and the Texan culture is one of a kind. Real Time Gaming’s Texan Tycoon Slot Machine does an excellent job of portraying the Texan stereotype while also incorporating another thing Texan’s are known for, their oil.

Texan Tycoon slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline game. You can bet up to 5 dollars on each payline which means you can bet anywhere between one cent and $125 on each spin. This type of betting flexibility truly accommodates all players, which is what more casinos should strive to do.

Texan Tycoon Slots does have a scatter symbol which can trigger up to a triple of your winnings. For example, if you bet one dollar on a payline and you win 10 dollars after a spin you will take home 30 dollars if the triple scatter symbol appears which it does on a regular basis.

One of the most underrated aspects to any online casino game, especially an online slots game is the usability. Texan Tycoon Slot Machine is very easy and straightforward to control, you do not have to be a slot expert to know how to raise or lower your bet or how to bet on more or less paylines. Everything is streamlined to where all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your time.

Symbols in Texan Tycoon Slot Machine include: A Truck, Tycoon, Oil Well and cash. Texas is known for having rich residents who cashed in on natural resources, especially oil and natural gas, so if you are not familiar with the background to the story you are less likely to understand and appreciate the theme.

In addition to having a scatter symbol you can earn up to 25 free spins by playing the game as well. You will be alerted when you receive free spins and you will not have to do anything special to cash in on them so you have nothing to worry about in that regard.

Texan Tycoon Slots is a very well made game overall, join an RTG casino now to realize what you have been missing!

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