Best Top Game Slots – Top 10

Top Game Slots has come on strong over the past couple of years and Top Game casinos are now viewed as the leaders in the industry. Top Game is very strong when it comes to security, customer support and graphics, but the game selection Top Game offers its casinos truly makes it stand out. Here are the top ten slot games offered at Top Game casinos:

1. Crazy Pizza Slots: Crazy Pizza is a 3 reel, 1 payline slot game developed by Top Game Slots. Although this game has a limited number of reels and paylines the graphics and jackpots available make this a must play. The largest jackpot available is progressive, which obviously means it changes routinely but it will be very impressive. The second largest jackpot is 6,000 coins which equates to $30,000 when you make the maximum bet allowed on a payline, 5 dollars. You can bet between 5 cents and 5 dollars on each payline which means your total bets per spin can range from 5 cents to 15 dollars. Crazy Pizza is a smaller slot game that should not be ignored, you will have a blast playing it and you will have an excellent shot at taking home a large bonus.

2. Diamonds are Forever: This is a 3 reel, 3 payline game that has very sharp graphics. Symbols include a bell, a bar symbol and a 7 among others. The design of the slots game is excellent and very well thought out with a large, sparkling diamond being the centerpiece of the game. The top jackpot is a very impressive 6000 coins which is $30,000 when making the largest bet available on a payline, 5 dollars. The minimum bet per payline is 5 cents which means your bets can range between 5 cents and 15 dollars per spin. Jackpots of 3,000 and 1,000 coins are offered as well as smaller 200 and 50 coin winnings. This is a classic slot game that has a lot of things going for it, simplicity being just one of them. You would be foolish not to try out this game.

3. Red Chili Hunter Slots: Red Chili Hunter is a 3 reel, 5 payline game that is very unique. Red Chili has a southwestern feel so to speak with symbols such as a red chili and a cactus. The two main colors used, yellow and red, blend together surprisingly well. The maximum jackpot offered is similar to Crazy Pizza and Diamonds are Forever at 6,000 coins but there are also plenty of other smaller jackpots that you have a better chance at hitting. Bets can range from 5 cents to 5 dollars which is the case for most Top Game slots. This game is very similar to the two reviewed above in all aspects except for theme so your choice should come down to how well you like Red Chili’s unorthodox game delivery.

4. Berry Flavors: Berry Flavors is another solid 3 reel, 3 payline game produced by Top Game. This is one of the most simple classic slot games you will ever come across online, there are few graphic elements to get in your way and the winning combinations are clearly stated at the right of your screen while playing. The maximum jackpot is an impressive 6,000 coins and there are also 3,000 and 1,000 coin jackpots available. You can win smaller 2-200 coin prizes depending on what symbols pop up. You can wager between 5 cents and 5 dollars on each payline which should suit players of all kinds. This game has nothing you cannot get playing other slot games but it is simple, well designed and fun. If you love playing slots you will enjoy Berry Flavors slots.

5. Ocean Fantasy: Ocean Fantasy is one of the larger, more complex slot games developed by Top Game. This is a 5 reel, 25 payline game with a top jackpot of 3500 coins. Bets between 5 cents and 3 dollars can be made on each payline which means bets can total between 5 cents and 75 dollars per spin. There is a bonus round available as well as scatter symbols, free spins and wild symbols. The previous four slot games reviewed were all much smaller and simpler so it all comes down to what you are looking for. Ocean Fantasy has a blue aquatic theme that is easy on the eyes. This is an excellent option if you are looking for in depth, hardcore online slot play.

6. Slotstructor: Slotstructor is a construction themed slot game that is one of Top Gaming’s biggest and best slot games. Slotstructor is a five reel game with 25 paylines! Bets can range between 5 cents and 5 dollars per payline which means you can wager up to $125 per spin if you are feeling lucky! One of the few downsides to Slotstructor is that the maximum jackpot is fairly miniscule compared to other games Top Game offers, the best jackpot offered by Slotstructor is 1,000 coins which is 5,000 dollars on a 5 dollar bet. What separates Slotsructor from other slot games is the bonus round and free spins offered. You are sure to have a blast if you choose Slotsructor!

7. Big Bang Slots: Big Bang slots is another smaller slot game produced by Top Game Slots. This is a 3 reel 3 payline game which features a maximum jackpot of 6,000 coins. You can wager between 5 cents and 5 dollars per payline which is the standard for Top Game slot machines. Big Bang makes the top ten list because of its graphics, Big Bang is primarily red and gold and it looks as good as any other slot game I have seen from Top Game. Big Bang slots is one of my favorite smaller slot games offered by Top Game.

8. Russian Attack: Russian Attack is a 3 reel, 3 payline game developed by Top Game. The theme is very interesting with an evil looking girl lurking in the bottom right of the screen while you play. Large 6,000, 3,000, and 1,000 coin jackpots are offered. Bets between 5 cents and 5 dollars can be made on each money line which falls in line with the rest of the online slot games Top Game offers. The theme of Russian Attack slots is unique and the jackpots are large which makes this another must play slot game made by Top Game.

9. Diablo 13 slots: Diablo 13 Slots is one of the premium Top Game slots. Diablo 13 has 5 reels and 13 paylines along with an interesting dark magic theme. The number 13 obviously has meaning as it is in the title of the game and the number of paylines offered. Many view the number 13 as a cursed number that is “bad luck” so it appears Top Game is trying to play into that. The top jackpot offered is progressive, everyone loves large progressive jackpots! A smaller 600 coin jackpot is also available. Bets can be made between 5 cents and 5 dollars on each payline and Diablo 13 has a whopping 25 different winning combinations. This is one of Top Game’s most complete slot games and it is certainly worth a try.

10. Tropical Punch slots: The last Top Game slot machine to make the cut is Tropical Punch slots. This is a smaller, simple 3 reel 3 payline game that is very similar to the other 3 payline games reviewed outside of theme. The top jackpot offered is 6,000 coins which is $30,000 when you make the maximum bet of 5 dollars on a payline. Symbols include bananas and pineapple along with bar. This is a fresh, fun slot game with a large jackpot.

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