Winning Slot Machine Strategies

There are no foolproof slot machine strategies out there. Many websites want you to believe that they have “found the secret” to beating the house when it comes to slots, unfortunately this is not possible, all they want is your money. No one can play slots, online or in real life, profitably over a long period of time, the odds are simply stacked too high against you. Nevertheless casino games, especially slot games, are a very cheap form of entertainment and you can make a few simple changes to your slot playing routine to increase your chances of coming out ahead dramatically.

The most important, and obvious, thing you can do to increase your chances of being a winning slot player is to play at online slot machines that have the highest payout possible. Playing at themed slot games is a ton of fun but you should not give anything up in terms of odds to play a slots game that interests you. The average payout percentage at an online slot machine is around 90%, which means 90 cents of every dollar you bet will come back to you in winnings over time. This is a very fair percentage, but you do not have to settle for average. It is important to be proactive in looking for online casinos that have the best selection of player friendly slot games. Simply switching from a slot machine with a 90% payout percentage to a machine that pays 95% will double how long you can play and more than double your chances of coming out ahead in the long run. Slot machines that offer large bonuses are great, but that means nothing if the payout percentage still ends up at the low end of the spectrum. Casinos want to steer you towards the slot games with the worst payout percentages, it is up to you to target games that will treat you fairly.

Another common mistake I see players make is playing at stakes that are far too high for their bankroll. The average player experiences 10 spins a minute while playing slots online and similar numbers while playing in an actual casino. At a nickel slot machine, a very low stake slot, which equates to just fifty cents in bets per minute but that still, adds up over time. Playing at quarter and dollar slot machines can annihilate your bankroll if lady luck is not on your side. Playing at lower stakes will allow you to play longer while hardly making a difference in terms of how much fun you are actually having. Assuming you are playing at a one dollar slot machine with a 90% payout percentage you will need roughly 200 dollars in your bankroll per hour, on average. Playing at lower stakes simply makes too much sense to ignore; you still have your fun while your bankroll is left un-depleted. Your slot machine strategies should be based on thorough bankroll management.

The following advice applies to almost any form of gambling, especially casino gaming. If you are doing well… WALK AWAY! How often do you hear friends or even people on the internet same something like: “Well I was up 50% before I blew all of my bankroll!” The odds will catch up to you after a while. It is very possible to come out ahead versus a 90% payout slot machine after 10 spins or even 50, but after hundreds and even thousands of spins you have almost no chance of getting back to where you started unless you hit a large progressive jackpot. We all hear stories and see proof of players hitting progressive jackpots online and in actual casinos but the chances of you actually hitting a five or six figure jackpot are mighty low. It is easy to get caught up in the euphoria of winning money while gambling which is why so many players give their winnings away to the casino after getting up big early, make the responsible decision to walk away if you are up. “Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs, they get slaughtered”.

Earlier I mentioned that playing at lower stakes is a must when playing online or in a real casino, that is not always the case. If you are playing on a progressive slot machine you have to play with max coin if you want to give yourself a chance. Playing with max coin is the only way to make you eligible for the progressive jackpot. Without large, progressive jackpots you have nearly no chance at beating the house in slots, or any game with a progressive jackpot. Of course jackpots are a long shot but it is a shot worth taking, they call it gambling for a reason! Not playing max coin at a progressive slot machine is like buying a lottery ticket but intentionally making yourself ineligible for the multi-million dollar prize, it makes no sense. Many slot machine strategies are complicated and involve numbers, odds and probabilities; this strategy is simple and straight to the point.

People have many misconceptions when it comes to slot machine strategies that can keep them from being the best they can be. Slot machines are not programmed to give away a certain amount of money, whether it be online or in real life. Do not worry if a slot machine has been “hot” or a slot machine has been “cold”. Slot machines are not due to produce any outcome more than roulette tables are supposedly due to turn up red or black after a long drought of a certain color. Online slot machines are not rigged by any means, especially if you are playing at an established website. Independent regulators check out the inner workings of all big time online casino games to make sure that the odds posted by the casino are accurate and nothing shady is going on. Just because you have lost 4-5 spins in a row does not mean the casino hates you or the world is going to end, that is part of being a casino player, you have good stretches and bad stretches. Variance is a word that all gamblers should be familiar with, especially casino players, just because an outcome is supposed to happen 50% of the time does not mean that the outcome will occur once every two tries every time. Flipping a coin pay yield heads three times in a row or 8 times out of 10, but that does not mean that the next spin will automatically be heads or tails or the coin is rigged.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to increase your chances of coming out ahead while playing slots online is to unlock a large deposit bonus by playing slots. Most casinos offer hearty bonuses on deposits, especially initial deposits at a casino to encourage players to sign up and create an account at a site. Bonuses vary but they can reach hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just for playing slots online like your normally would. Most online casinos make you wager 10-50 times the bonus plus the deposit you are looking to unlock to make yourself eligible for the bonus. For example, if you make a 100 dollar deposit at an online casino and you receive a 100% match which has a wagering requirement of 20 you will need to wager 4000 dollars to unlock your 100 dollar bonus. Remember that you will make roughly 10 wagers a minute playing slots online so all you have to do is play roughly 7 hours of slots at a dollar slot machine to unlock a one hundred dollar bonus, which is just one hour of slots a day for a week! Many casinos offer special bonuses to slot players that are more lucrative than the bonuses offered to table game players so keep an eye out if an opportunity presents itself.

The odds are against you when playing slots online but that should not discourage you from giving yourself the best chance possible to beat the casino.

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